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Shortness of breath and nausea

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 4, 2011
  • 07:33 AM


Im a 30's male and i have some kind of weird illness which hasnt been diagnosed yet.

I have had shortness of breath for a couple of weeks now. Nothing serious, but it was like i had been running. At first i felt it couple times a day, but about a week ago it got more serious. Whether i go to sleep or wake up, i feel like my heart is pounding. Actually its not beating more rapidly, but i feel like it is beating stronger, i can see my various muscles move when it beats.

I have lost about 3-4kg weight, it feels weird to breathe deeply and sometimes (now more often already) i feel nauseos. Some foods, drinks and especially smell of cigarette smoke make me sick. No chest pains, just weird feeling in lungs when breathing deeply.

I have had an EKG, which was normal. My doctor sent me to thyroid analysis to rule it out. They also did some bloodanalysis, which was ok also.

I don't event feel tired but i just don't want to do anything, this sickness is wearing me out and making me grouchy..

EDIT: Body temperature is 37.1 for most of the time... No cough

Anyone recognizing these symptoms, feel free to comment.

Thank You

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  • Thyroid was OK, but i felt really sick this morning and had serious weakness until i had to go out. I drove my car slowly with windows open and the sickness and weakness almost disappeared.
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  • What doctor are you seeing? If you are not getting results from yourdoctor (in most cases; this can happend with the primary) go see specialist.Check a Pulmonologist. They specialize in lung function and will have youdo a breathing test and then judge from there.Hope this helps.
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  • Thank YouYes I am seeing a primary doctor and i can contact her maybe once a week or so. I will make an appointment with a pulmonologist tomorrow.
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  • Every analysis so far (lung, gastrointestinal, cardio) has turned up clean so the doctors all assume it's stress related.I am not a stressful person, im very positive usually, only thing that could be causing the stress could be this sickness itself!I started a light diet - i only ate kiwis, yoghurt etc. Avoided strong smells and have been taking Preductal pills for a week now (they are supposed to make your heart pump more oxygen/blood). Temperature has dropped, im feeling a lot better, shortness of breath is occuring less often, almost no nausea.I can run continuously for more than 10 minutes already with no problems.So thank You for Your help,feeling a lot better
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    • August 12, 2011
    • 09:25 AM
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  • I am glad to hear that your are feeling better.I too had the same situation where the doctor said that the thingsI am experiencing could be from stress. I thought the same thingas that I wasn't stressed, but I did read somewhere that we can bestressed and just not know it. Then, in this case, it is our bodiesthat tell us.I kind of took it for what it was and try to relaxe myself; even asfar as meditation and other methods such as eating right and gettingenough sleep; not slacking on the work outs...etc.So I'm glad that your better...life is too short...
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    • August 13, 2011
    • 03:21 AM
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