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Please read, have you ever heard of this?

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  • February 10, 2007
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We need ideas, the doctors are stumped. Three years ago my grandson started exhaling uncontrolably, he barely could breath in with out his body exhaling it was very forcefull and he couldn't stop it. (This was in september). The doctors ran a battery of test to no avail he was hospitalized for 3 days and they could not figure it out. It came on progressivly got worse then slowly got better just like a cold. The following year almost to the day it happened again. We thought maybe allergys. That year their house burnt down and they put up a new one and September came and went and no problems. So we thought maybe mold? Now his brother has the same thing? And the doctors are still stumped. Has any one ever heard of such a thing. Please if you have give us some ideas?

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  • there are probably millions of different kinds of moulds,and it is no surprise that we do not know all the effects of breathing them.so,yes,possibly it is mould.moulds need water.dry the place out thoroughly.........i bought an old house a few years ago,and eventually found and fixed over forty ways water was getting in!(i have to watch out for moulds too).you have to become a bit of a detective,where water is concerned.but....big clue...water comes from above and moves down!rising damp is bullsh..t.damp under floors can be a bit difficult,i do it with ducted extractor fans.....all second hand,and rigged up to my own design.heat is good if you are not in a tropical climate.find a way.top tip.....dont be talked into using chemicals by some specialist.(in fact dont let a damp specialist near you or your wallet.if you feel you have hit a problem you cant fix yourself ,find somebodys cousin who has worked on old houses.)chemicals wont work while the place is still damp and will cause problems of their own.like cancer.i kid you not.check to see if some earlier occupier has had the place treated.that may be the source of his problem. this sort of thing used to be solved by the doctor advising "a long sea voyage."they knew a thing or two ,those old boys!dont be tunnel eyed about moulds though,examine the whole chemical/biological environment.eg. landfill ?compost plant?hhemical plant?old mattress?chemicals from work being brought home on mum or dads clothing?oldpillows?bedding not rinsed properly and holding traces of detergent?feather pillows?feather or down duvet? carpet?(how old...how old,did you say?)an animal?a pet bird?house plants potted in soil or potting compost....both alive (literally)with mould....vacuum cleaner festering inside?(how many people strip them and clean them regularly?) upholstery festering under its outer covers?faulty flues?open grates in the rooms? a tiny gas leak?propane?butane?paints and polishes and plastics?cigarrette smoke,at any time?perfume or air freshener at any time?deisel fumes at any time?...get the idea?big problem for you......his lungs will almost certainly have been put into a hypersensitive state.this has two implications for you.he could react visibly to a stimulus, say soap.that would not necessarily mean that soap was the primary problem.dont be misled.secondly,you could solve the problem and not know ,because it may take several months for his lungs to recover.geddit?you have to persevere. and dont stop looking for a problem unrelated to environment.let me know how you get on with this;i know you are not one of those people who arouses concern then leaves everyone wondering....was that kid o.k.?
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    • February 10, 2007
    • 10:01 PM
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  • Hi, It could be molds . A dehumidifer placed in the basement would work wonders at getting the dampness out. There are also small containers with calcium chloride you can buy, that suck the dampness up called damp-rid. The dampness is attracted to the calcium, and melts it , then the water falls into the small container. Does the house have a wood stove or fire place that they use for heat?? People often don't think abt the mold and bacteria that are on the fire wood...Also the wood heat is very hot and dries out the air too much, thus deyhdrating our bodies , esp the sinuses and lungs. Maybe with the brother now having, this it could be from chemicals from the new house... Everything seems to have like a petrolium substance in it...Some of it is in the clothes too. Perhaps if the boy lies on the floor to watch tv, could be the carpeting? The boys don't have asthma or lung problems that have showed up?? Sorry I can't be of more help...Hope you find out what it is soon.
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    • February 17, 2007
    • 11:42 AM
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