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Not ready to call it asthma

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 23, 2008
  • 08:02 PM

Hello everyone! I have a child who is now 15 months old with severe acute breathing problems. I have had some people tell me that is asthma and even had one rude woman tell me that if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...but I am not ready to accept the diagnosis. Here is why. I had asthma as a child and my attacks all ranged in intensity from really mild to usind auxillary mussles to suck in air. My child has one intensity and that is severe. He has had three episodes now, oct 3rd, oct 29th, nov 22nd. I have reacked my brain with what did he eat, where have we been, what did he touch. So far the only similarity I have found is that he was asleep when it started. We wern't even in the same area for each of these attacks. The first time was in central illinois near springfield after we lived there for several months. The second time was during a visit to grandma in Chicago, notrhern illinois. The third time we were in colorado which is where we have lived for two weeks. This last time he wasn't really wheesing, he was just breathing hard and fast at about 3 am. I got him to the hospital and then he started using his auxillary mussles to breath. He was put on an IV, given oxygen, steroids, heart montior, respiration rate was between 60 and 68, given continueoud breathing treatments, heart rate between 180 and 199, and if he was off his oxygen for longer then 2 seconds, his level droped into the 60's. He was so tired, but couldn't fall asleep, his eyes would roll around for a while and then he would like snap back and start flailing around. If he did manage to fall asleep, he would continue breathing the same way and after about 10 minutes, wake up and start flailing again.

By 2 pm hey transfered him to a children's hospital about a half hour away. He was so bad they contiplated putting him on a respirator. Then by almost total disbelief, by 6 pm his symptoms were gone. Regular heartbeat, regular respiration rate, normal oxygen level, just a normal kid. They want to tell me has either has asthma or reactive airway disease. I don't want to call it asthma because there is no variation in the intensity of his episodes and they just all of a sudden started. He was a normal healthy child before all of this. He doesn't have any wheesing after an episode, or when he is exercising, or playing with anyone's pets. I am so lost. I don't know if it will happen again or not. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • Aiunae, Have you been to an allergist? My DD had issues ranging from severe weight loss to respiratory problems. They tested her for cystic fibrosis several times. Eventually we ended up at an allergist. They discovered that she is hypersensitive to a particular perservative. She is 10 now, and we still have to be really careful. When she eats something with the preservative in it she has severe bronchiospasms. It might be something to look into. T
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    • November 24, 2008
    • 02:41 PM
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  • I have not been to an algerist, but it is on the list of people to get in touch with once my insurance is approved. Medicaid is being very slow here in Colorado. I wanted to post an update about my son. Well, we are back in the hospital. He started having issues at about 10 in the morning. Which was different then all the other times because he wasn't asleep when it started. As soon as it started I gave him 2 breathing treatments hoping that if I caught it in time, I could prevent us from having to go back to the hospital. He seemed to be doing better, but an hour later her was in obvious distress so I gave him another. He was better after the third one, but a short time later he was retracting again, so I gave him another. After that one he seemed to be a lot better and even fell asleep. I held him for a while after he fell asleep and could feel his breathing begin to worsten. That was when I decided to give up fighting it on my own and take him to the hospital yet again.He was hospitalized yesterday with the exact symptoms as the prevoius three times. It was so odd because once again it started about three and a half weeks after the last eposode. I am absolutely puzzled by the regularity of his episodes. There has been a couple of new changes in his environment because we moved since his last attach, but I got all different furniture, sheets, got rid of the stuffed animals, etc. Trying to get rid of what it was that could be causing this. He was even outside playing in the dirt on the day we moved in. I thought if it was asthma, that would had for sure started something, but nothing for about two weeks after we moved in. I do have some good news. The hospital is taking me more seriously this time and they are going to start doing some tests on him. He is going to see a pulminologist here at the hospital as well as being tested to see what his alpha levels and his cmp levels are. I hope they find what the problem is, but if not, I will keep searching for an answer.
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    • December 19, 2008
    • 02:23 AM
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  • So it has been a while since I have posted about my son's condition. He is now 17 months old and still suffering from the same mysterious problem. He has been hoospitalized 3 more times since my last post. Every three and a half weeks. The timing is so bizzare. This totals 6 hospitalizations since oct 3rd 2008. He is almost fine after 24 hourd of the initial episode but has to stay in the hospital for days at a time because he is not getting enough oxygen while he sleeps. I have talked to an allergist finally, but they are leary about testing him because he is so young and the only things that will show up at his age would be something severe enough to put him into analphalxis (sp?). SO we would already know if that was the trigger. They normally do not like to test them before they turn 2 and results are not that reliable untile they are 5. I did finally get them to look at his heart and that was normal. His lungs have developed normally, they are just working at 30%, are inflamed and constricted. They also said his lungs are hypersensitive, but cannot figure out what is triggering his episodes. This last trip from the hospital, they put him on 6 different medications. He takes Pulmicort, singular, xopenex, prevacid, prednisolone, and flovent. They still want to tell me he either has reavtive airway disease or severe asthme at a young age. They tell me they usually do not see kids this young with asthma. I still cannot help the feeling that his breathing issues are secondary to something else, but we are running out of things to check for. My next step is to take him to an endocrinologist to see if something hormonal is causing the problem. I think about how women cycle every 28 or so days beause of hormones, so maybe his cycling breathing problem is something hormone related. I think the doctors areond here are still just putting a diagnosis on him that doesn't fit just to name his problem. I am so tired of being in the hospital with him for 3 plus days where he is perfectly normal by day, and then can't get enough oxygen at night. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    • February 25, 2009
    • 05:00 PM
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  • I finally have some good news after all of this. Everything we have ever tested my son for has come back negative. The last time he was in the hospital, they sent him home on 6 different medications. Today he is down to three. Flovent twice a day, prevacid once a day, and singular once a day. To my surprise, he has been out of the hospital for almost two months now. I am so glad to see his color return and see him a happy baby once again. I still feel in the back of my mind that he could relapse and have breathing issues, but for now the combination of medication he is on is doing the job. They still want to call it asthma, and it just may be, but I hope he gets to stay at home and will eventually grow out of it.
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  • Better consult a doctor before doing anything. seeking a doctor or a specialist is the best thing to do first!Regards,abigael
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    • November 27, 2009
    • 02:43 PM
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