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not breathing well, feeling miserable and depressed

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  • Posted By: hutena
  • May 9, 2009
  • 10:50 PM

Two weeks ago I started feeling hot with a fever, faint, dizzy with chills and my lungs hurt and breathing became difficult. I went to an emergency clinic and they told me my oxygen level was very low. They didn't x-ray me and gave me a rescue inhaler a breathing treatment, steroid shot and antibiotics. They told me it wasn't viral. I was told to go to hospital if I got worse. Diagnosis was bronchitis. I didn't get better but still lucid so I went to another doctor. I could hardly stand up and he yelled at me telling me that I had too much wrong w/ me and he didn't have time for me. He did x-ray my lungs told me that they were fine no bronchitis and not viral or bacterial , and gave me an inhaler for allergies. Told me I was fine just reactive airway disease(crap). Still sick but a little better today. My pupils don't work well and driving is hard, breathing can still be labored and I am sooooo tired with chills. Fever has stayed away for half a day so far. I work w/ allergens and I am scared that I am never going to get better as I don't know really what is wrong. Primary care physician hasn't called back. This sucks. I am going for a cat scan Monday as I have blood in urine.No uti though. I still have finals at school so I have been doing projects and can hardly even hold my head up. This doesn't feel like any allergy I have had before! Help

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  • Actually fever did come back but lower than before.
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  • Actually fever did come back but lower than before.i am terribly sorry for whats been happening to you.:/Doctors as helpful as they are can be very frustrating too, i know how you feel.but like half the people on this site answers are hard too find. have you been researching any pyschological disorders? i know some of those have symptomsconsisting of shortened breath,dizzyness,and depression. im going through a confusing time too so i know that depression is not funand not easy.so your doing great! just keep hoping and trying. they'llfigure out something soon!disorders that could be helpful to research; depression,anxiety,any mood disorder...p.s.dont forget to be demanding and make sure the doctors know this is serious stuff!not just some flu.:)
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  • Thank u for writing me. I had a ct scan and the doctor(urologist) read me a little of the report, looked in my bladder and said that I was fine. I still have blood in my urine and bad bladder pressure. I found out from my primary care dr that I also have a hernia. The urologist didn't even tell me. I am getting really sick of the way doctors spend no time w/ you don't even talk to u and push you through. They couldn't even see my right ureter on the ct scan( the tech punctured my vein so most of the dye leaked out. (this scan cost 900.00 and no one but my primary care doctor told me the results) She actually called the hospital and tracked them down for me. I still have a fever every day(over a month) chills sooooo tired and fatigued and my lungs hurt and breathing is not good. I work at a manual labor job that is upping my hours and work. This is really bad as the fever comes back upon any exertion. The fever is in the 99's so doctors don't care, but I care as my temperature is usually in the 97's so it normally low. I have not had a 99+ temperature since I had strep throat at 16 years old. I am 35 now so this fever is bad for me. My eyes don't like the light either so driving is weird. I just have to wait to talk to an allergist. I wonder if this is parasitic or lyme disease. Something. This sucks
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  • I actually am not depressed as a psychological disorder. I wrote depressed because I am depressed due to the fact that I am sick, miserable and no one seems to care and everyone discounts it but me.
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  • hi, please pray for god to reveal your condition to the doctors, nothing is impossible with pray,****s will take care of you only call on him, that is his promise to us may god bless you
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