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My baby has difficulty breathing..HELP!!

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  • Posted By: tjdragnfly
  • October 15, 2008
  • 02:20 PM

My daughter is now 6 mths old. Since 2 months, after getting a cold, she was put on an abuteral nebulizer. I brought her back to her pediatrician 2 times cause it sounds like she's got congestion in her chest..also wheezing and alot of coughing. The cough does sound wet. When she spits up..it seems like alot of mucous. She is constantly wheezing, even 10 minutes after a breathing treatment. I've put a humidifier in her room. Her nose does not run, so they don't think it's allergies. Dr. says to bring her in if she needs treatment every 3 hours. I've done that and they say her chest is always clear. I can hear the congestion in her lungs just by putting my ear to her chest. When she gets excited, her breathing does become more labored...more wheezing, shorter breaths. This morning, after having a treatment, she fell asleep on my chest. I got scared cause she seemed to not take a breath for about 5 seconds..which doesn't sound like a long time, but for a baby it is. It's like she was holding her breath. Sometimes, when she has difficulty breathing, she'll do alittle bit of a grunt. I believe this is also affecting her eating. She eats baby food fine, but her bottles, she won't finish. Everyone says she should be eating 8oz by now, but I can barely get her to finish 5oz. I switched her formula 2 days ago to Soy and Lactose free because i think she's got Gerd. She was spitting/vomiting after every bottle. Please help me..I'm very worried about her. Her weight seems on tract, but I think something is really wrong.

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  • hi,do you live in the uk? or different country? im from the uk and if we have a problem with our babies we tell the health visitor,if we want to change our babies milk we have to tell them first i dont know why but we do,i know you said you have been doctors already with your baby but mother knows best so keep on going untill they do something about it or if your in the uk,tell your health visitor tell them everything thats been happeningwith your baby from the beggining,my baby started breathing funny first of all and she was struggling to get air,i took her docs an they kept saying her lungs and chest was clear,evrytime my baby had breathing differculties i went docs and i kept going and i even told thedoc there is something wrong because if there wasnt then i wouldnt be there, they listened to her again and then said oh,she is a bit weezy so gave her inhaler,most docs dont like giving babies inhalers cuz they say babies dont have asthma or anything at that age cuz they too young,yeah,thats what they said about people having strokes and heart attacks that they are a certain age yet children can have them as ive seen on programmes bless them,but yes i would keep going to the gp and if they dont do anything then go to your hospital and explain whats been happening but it sounds to me that your baby should be referred to see someone at the hospital just to be on the safe side,even if they find nothing wrong with your baby at least you will have a little peace of mind knowing that you have done something about it,but there is a condition about babies that either hold there breathe for some time or breathe funny,a blood test can determine this and if your baby does have that then the treatment is nothing because the baby grows out of it,i cant remember what the condition is called but my consultant at the hospital told me about it,so your baby mite have that,but i would go doc and health visitor first and keep on badgering them until they do something about it.im not sure if this has helped but i hope it has somehowgood luck
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    • October 18, 2008
    • 04:08 PM
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