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Left Chest pain - Unexplained by Dr.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 29, 2009
  • 02:57 PM

I am fixing to be 24 and Since the 7th grade, I have randomly, maybe about 20 times in my whole life, gotten this extremely sharp pain in my left chest 1-1.5 inches towards my sternum from my left nipple and slightly higher. I am having this pain right now actually and it has lasted 3 hours, longer than any other time.

The pain will be sudden and limits my breathing. Inhaling or exhaling too much adds pain. I was reading online that some people had this and would hear a pop, ending the pain. I tried to breath in and out as hard as I could to get this pain ending pop with no luck.

In 8th grade I went to the Dr. in my town "Alpine at the time" and had X-rays. Nothing was found and the Dr. said it was probably just my lung sticking for a second to itself, but I never accepted this.

Once before I ended the pain by twisted to the left and popping my back. It was only succesful that one time. All other times it would not work. Being that this time has lasted so much longer I have been trying to stretch and massage, tryin gto get this to end. It seems to be non existant if I am in the right posture and breathing from 30%-60% lung capacity. I HAVE learned that bending over to stretch puts a whole lot more pressure and pain into the spot deep within my chest.

Looking for advice on how to end this. I have no job and cannot go to the E.R. If someone out there is more in the know on what this is than my last doctor, please PLEASE tell me what it is. If you need to contact me without using this page fo rwhatever reason, my e-mail will be pantera_party@yahoo.com.

PS : Hickups and Burps hurt like all ***l

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  • Hello everyone. 8 hours later it was solved. My father is a docter and he told me its definatly Costochondritis. He said he started getting it around my age as well. He told me to take a large amount of IB Profen to fight off the inflamation of the rib cartilage. IT WORKED!30 minutes or so later I braced myself as I felt a burp coming on. When I burped, I noticed it didnt hurt. I could suddenly take full breathes again. No popping sensation, just like before. So, my perscription in this case, that I injested in advie from my father, and am not held responsible for anyone elses doses was as follows.1000 Miligrams - IB ProfenI will keep some of this stuff around in the future. I was so exausted from the shallow breathing and pain for hours and hours, I went to bed a few hours later and slept 12 hours :)
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    • December 30, 2009
    • 07:46 AM
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