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Issues with Tonsil, Wisdom tooth and now constant coughing up mucus... please help!

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  • Posted By: Zeptinune
  • April 8, 2011
  • 11:27 AM

Around October 2010 I developed a pretty severe cough.. after a week or so it slowly got worse and I started to cough up grey-black/yellow mucus. My dad blamed this on me lighting 1 or 2 sticks of incense before bed and having the windows closed, which I did for about 2-3 months prior. The smell made me sleep better. In December I moved to Finland (from Australia) and I thought this would simply go away... you know Finland's air is some of the cleanest ever. Or so I thought, apparently the Spring has so much dust that it's redicilous, after all the snow melts. This is definitely true now I can see.

Anyway so here I am living in Finland with this redicilous cough that seems to half choke me to death all day every day. The cough is so bad that it causes me to throw up every once-in-awhile. Also roughly clearing my throat to cough the mucus up makes my thorat hurt.. In the mornings I have woken up the past month with blood all through my throat and teeth and I have had this disgusting strong but really bitter tasteless taste in my mouth.

The thing is, my dentist back in Australia in November said the blood in the morning was from brushing my teeth too hard before bed. I've since swapped to a soft toothbrush and I brush really soft now. I still get the blood in the morning. He also blamed the incense and because I have a right wisdom tooth coming through, he said the mucus could be from a small pocket of skin that is infected between the tooth and gum.

Now my typical morning starts first thing, with me going to the bathroom to cough up a huge ball of phlegm that is often half yellow and half really dark grey.

Now as I am sitting here I have spent today coughing up more than I ever have. I can hardly breathe as I write this. No matter how much I spit out there always seems to be more seconds later and my throat feels like I have eaten nothing but raw chilli for a year.

I have no idea what condition I have or what is the matter with me. I have called the doctors numerous times and I have sat in line for around 5 hours on at least 4 occasions. However the health system here in Finland is 'slow' to say the least.

I am a 20 year old man who has never smoked a cigerette in his life. I had asthma as a child (apparently) and my dad says he had bronchitis as a child.

In short my symptoms are:

* Waking up with blood down my throat, on my teeth and a disgusting bitter taste in my mouth. (Obviously dried old blood).
* An extremely terrible cought that causes me to throw up every once-in-awhile as well as constantly gag for air and cause me to have to spit mucus out of my mouth.
* A really sore throat that feels like I have eaten nothing but chilli for the past few years.
* A small infection under my wisdom tooth because it seems to be coming out. However I've seen 2 dentists and neither will remove the tooth. They say the infection is normal and they gave me Antibiotics (V-PEN) which didn't help.

If anyone has any idea what I could have please tell me.. I'm about to go to hospital and demand a CAT Scan and an X-Ray to find out if I have GERD or something.. :(

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