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I have breathing attacks and lung pains?!?

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  • Posted By: qualia
  • January 25, 2009
  • 04:57 AM


Can someone help me get a correct diagnosis please? I'm a 23 yr old male 5"11, 170lbs, I don't drink/smoke/caffeine and general eat healthly but I should exercise more often and should live a less seditary lifestyle. I have lived this lifestyle for at least about 5 years with no noticeable health concerns whatsoever.

Just very Recently however starting around Jan 10th 2009 (and persisting to this moment) I noticed I developed a more acuteness in "shortness of breath" , "lack of sufficient oxygen", and generally unable to catch enough air even when I am sitting down, lying down, calm and not stressing out and even when I am trying to do deep slow breathing with hand on belly method, etc..

I have NOT gotten a fever, I do not have the flu or some virus infection, nor have I coughed up blood or a lot of yellow mucus or anything at all for that matter. (however I do always deep down in the depths of my lungs seem to have residual "mucus" even on my "good days" and whenever I cough VERY HARD I notice it is still there in my lungs, but this has been going on for YEARS, and only recently do I develop the new "breathing problems" that I have right now...so I don't know if this is related but ..)

I don't think I have asthma because I don't have the wheezing that accompanies it. In the morning times by breathing problems seems to be fine but near the afternoon or nighttimes it will return again, I have not be able to predict when and what causes it..

It is really hard to describe how exactly it feels, it is not just a "lack of air" or difficulty breathing, on top of that there is almost a kind of "lung pain" or like somehow my lung has gone bad or it has been "beat up" or "kicked around" and now it is hurting inside my rig cages and its sore or something (if that makes any sense at all...) and it feels like it is "sour" and in mild pain although I'm not sure if this is a "heartburn" feeling or not, but I have never had heartburn before so I don't know... My lungs definetly feel strange like they have been bent out of shape or constricted because it is not just a mere lack of breathe, the lungs feel weird on top of all the other problems.

I have noticed that sometimes my left and right arms would feel a little bit of pain coming from "within" (I don't know if this is a nerve or blood vain or whatnot) and sometimes it is the upper arms, other times it is in the palm of my hands, I feel sometimes my hands would feel pain from within, I don't know if this is the precursor to heart problems or whatnot.. Maybe this is a heart failure leading to lung problems that makes my breathing difficult? I don't know.. I am still able to jog 6 lapses everyday so if that was the case I should pass out right??

What I do know is I have never had this kind of chronic breathing problems before. I have monitored my blood pressure and my pulse is around 65-70, my blood pressure is ~ 70-125, so I am within range. I never have a fever, and I don't even cough that bad.. Should I purchase an oxymeter and make sure I can getting enough Oxygen in my bloodstream doing these period periods of what I can only describe as "breathing attacks"?? And if the oxygen level is normal what would explain my "lack of air" and "difficulty breathing"?? I mean I can physically breathe in and out the same volume of air and there is no wheezing or ariticial blockadge or restriction but my body feels like it is NOT getting enough oxygen during these times and I get a slight light headed dizziness and it is almost like I can consistently out of breathe even when I am resting and lying down and not stressed out and doing my best to breathe correctly....

Does anyone know what could be my problem? Thanks

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  • Could be bacteria. That's what was happening to me. Try antibacterial bath soap, acidophilus and brewer's yeast.
    Paulppaul 25 Replies
    • February 8, 2009
    • 00:32 AM
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