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I'm afraid my husband is getting bad medical advise

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  • Posted By: scoggin
  • September 17, 2011
  • 10:35 PM

My husband was diagnosed having COPD a year or so ago he has a lung capacity of 45 he also started taking blood pressure meds at the same time. About a month ago he was really sick run down no energy and could not even make it through a day at work. He had 1 seizure while at work so he went back to the doctor and she was horrified she said she had overdosed him on B.P. meds his B.P. was like 89 over 69 she told him to stop taking meds immediatly, so now it been about a month and his legs and feet are sweeling 3 times the normal size and any type of sore on his leg is getting infected and oozing liquids from swelling so bad. So back to the doctor he went now she put him back on B.P. meds but a lower dose telling him his B.P. was to high and that is the reason for all the swelling. At this point I think he needs to see another doctor please give me your thoughts. By the way it is just his primary doctor that is treating him for his B.P and legs. his lung dr has not seen him in awhile

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  • I have to say it is great that you care for you husband that your looking for ways to helphim out. Sorry to hear about his condition and I hope things work out for the best.I would recommend seeing his "lung" doctor or finding a different doctor. A second opinion,especially when you are experiencing drastic side effects like that would be my knee ****reaction.I find that general practitioners are general per se. For example in my situation, I saw aGP due to my exposure to Crystaline Sillica. I obviously had an adverse allergic reactionwhich he chalked up as getting things over the counter. I immediately went to a "lung"specialist and now I use him for everything. The specialist knew exactly what we weredealing with and performed test and started me on steriod treatment right away. So I would consult with his "lung" doctor and get some advise; he might be able to refer you to expert in handling the high blood pressure...
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • September 22, 2011
    • 04:49 PM
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  • Thank you for your responce. I have already convinced my husband that he must see another dr. and I would like to add a bit more to me story so you might see why I am so concerened about him getting to another dr. (When he was first diagnosed over a year ago with COPD they discovered that he had high blood pressure as well and was told to follow up with his primary careDr. So this is where Dr. Reed comes into the picture she is in the network sooff he went to see her. She spent all of 10 minutes with him and put him onblood pressure meds that she never once followed up with and he’s been takingit for over a year now. If he needed more all he had to do was call the office.About a month ago my husband had a seizure at work and after that he was in thebed for over a week no energy sick to his stomach, sleeping all the time. Hewould go to work but not be able to make the whole day would come back home.Finally he went back to see Dr Reed. He explained what happened and she tookhis blood pressure and her words were, "Oh My God I have overdosed you onblood pressure meds telling him that was the reason for she seizure at thattime his blood pressure was 87 over 67. She told him to stop taking all B.P.meds and to check his b. p. everyday for a week and to come back and she wouldfind a different med for him. I begged him then to go somewhere else and hesaid everyone makes mistakes, I told him that her mistake could have cost himhis life. Well he began to feel a little better so he did not go back thefollowing week. It has now been about 3 weeks and for over a week now myhusbands legs and feet started swelling and now they are so swollen that asmall abrasion on his leg has burst open and getting in infected he is back tofeeling cruddy and tired. So he went back to Dr Reed again she spent about 10minutes with him and told him the reason his legs and feet are swelling is nowhis B.P. is too high and she put him back on the same meds but a lower dose.Might I add my husband has a heck of a time with his COPD lately. I think this dr has been treating my husband with no regards to his other medical problems. ) I just thank God he is finally listening to me.
    scoggin 1 Replies
    • September 22, 2011
    • 10:43 PM
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