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Does this sound like apnea??

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  • Posted By: mwcforster
  • August 30, 2008
  • 11:38 AM

Hello to all.

I’m a 47yr-old 6’4” 220lb male, well-built 50” chest, 37” waist. Lowish HR – 50BPM at rest. Generally fit and healthy other than:

History of GERD since age 25.
Atrial ectopy since age 25.
Occasional paroxysmal lone atrial fibrillation since 1999 – 8 episodes to date always late evening always self-converting. Heart checks out A1.
Generalised Anxiety Disorder since late 20s. Some anti-depressants on and off over years – Citalopram the most useful to me – none now for last few years. Occasioanl panic attacks in mid-30s.I run two businesses, am financially successful, have ferocious attention to detail and am educated to PhD level.

My current issue/problem which has plagued me on-and-off for the last few years is as follows. Just as I am dropping off to sleep (and I mean at the VERY moment I’m moving from the realm of awake to asleep) I return to awareness with a strange tight sore ‘pressure-y’ feeling in my chest. Although I tend to want to breath a bit urgently, I think that that reaction is almost entirely in my head as such. I am not sweating, my heart rate is not raised and I am not experiencing any palpitations. This problem can re-occur every five or ten minutes for hours. It NEVER happens when I first go to bed. It often happens in the early hours of 5-8am and almost ALWAYS happens when I try and nod off for a nap during the day when semi-reclined. I appreciate (especially when re-reading this post!) that this sounds a lot like apnea and I sometimes have the vague semi-awake awareness of hearing myself hitch a breath as it happens (and I do snore loudly sometimes) BUT I can often have a series of these events with my girlfriend awake beside me and she hears nothing AND the chest sensation is more than a little strange/odd. Although I do take 20mg omeprazole for GERD each morning, I nevertheless wonder if my problem might be rather more GERD-related than apnea-related??

So; anyone else here ever experienced anything broadly similar? IF so, what was the upshot?? WAS it apnea??

Any and all input will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards to all,


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