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Diagnosed with asthma but I think it's something else

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  • Posted By: onesweetworld
  • July 19, 2011
  • 01:05 PM

I'm 24, female, 5'4'', roughly 130 pounds, and a former smoker (about a pack or two a week from age 20 until two or three months ago, when I cut down tremendously, but now when I smoke I can barely breathe and my chest starts to hurt) and was diagnosed with asthma a few days ago. The doctor made the diagnosis after performing an allergy test and seeing I reacted to tree pollen and dust. My spirometry test numbers were also really low.

I've been experiencing shortness of breath for almost two months now, no matter what I'm doing. It's always there in the background. It's worse when I climb up or down a flight of stairs, or walk quickly, or bend down to pick something up. If I'm lying on my back and try and lie on my side I feel short of breath. If I'm lying on my stomach I can barely breathe. I also feel very short of breath if I'm squatting. I cough occasionally but it's not chronic. The chest pain is mostly dull and achy but is stabbing and sharp when I take a deep breath or cough or sneeze. I've tried using the inhaler but it doesn't seem to be working.

Other symptoms that started about a month back that may or may not be related include:
-Hoarse voice
-Severe pelvic pain and bloating that's worse when I make a bowel movement or after intercourse. Sometimes the pain is so bad that I can't move. I had an ultrasound that came back normal except for several nodules of calcifications in my right ovary. Because of the pain, my gynecologist wants me to go back for a followup next week.
-Muscle aches and pains in my arms and legs. My shoulder is very weak and hurts just to lift my arm.
-Intermittent low grade fever coupled with extreme fatigue.
-I have an appetite but I get full very quickly.
-Sore throat and painful lymph nodes in my neck. It hurts to swallow sometimes.
-Tender glands in my groin and what I presume to be a hard tendon in my left underarm area.
-Blood tests (CBC, ANA, thyroid, CRP) came back normal except my CRP was slightly elevated at 1.0, which is a marker for inflammation.
-I was recently diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse but my cardiologist said it's not what has been causing my other symptoms. I get tachycardia when I bend down or sometimes with walking up a flight of stairs but he said it's not really being caused by the mitral valve issue. I'm in decent shape and I don't smoke anymore so I don't understand why this is happening.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I got a chest xray two months ago that came back normal but I'm still concerned. I'm going to seek a second opinion from a pulmonologist and am seeing a neurologist to get an EMG test tomorrow.

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  • Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I got a chest xray two months ago that came back normal but I'm still concerned. I'm going to seek a second opinion from a pulmonologist and am seeing a neurologist to get an EMG test tomorrow.I think for breathing/asthma situation you are doing the right thing in seekingout a pulmonologist. It wasn't until I saw a pulmonologist that I actually gotsome answers and the piece of mind. Yet, thoughts still linger as I alwayslook at the extremes.The pulm recently diagnosed (at 41) with a slight case of asthma after being exposed to Crystaline Sillica and having an allergic reaction. I started having post nasal drip, so I thought, but now I have had a cough for over 2 months now. I was given a steroid nasal spray but I stopped using it as I my throat got irritate from it. Though, mentally, my condition is getting worse,I tend to be a hypo (thus my name), so I look at what is occurring subjectively.With that being said, I am also looking at my diet, exercise, mental health.So I would recommend to consider these to battle anything that is goingwrong with your body. We need all the juice we can get and sometimeswe need help in knowing and understanding what can or should be doing.For mental health, I am practicing deep breathing exercises and taking on a method called The Alexander Method to key on getting back to basicsand using the body more efficiently.Hope this helps, but in the very least there are other listening and hopefor your wellness.
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