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Bronchitis will not go away; wrong diagnosis?

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  • Posted By: Z King
  • June 1, 2011
  • 11:06 PM

I've already been to the doctors and have been diagnosed with bronchitis, however, it's been at least three weeks since then as well as three rounds of antibiotics and I still have a wheeze as well as a feeling of a heavy chest and sometimes shortness of breath. Here are the details so someone may be able to help me out.

I believe it all started out in January-March of this year, my second semester in college. I had been getting sick quite frequently with simple colds and sinus infections; I never saw a doctor at school because the colds/infection passed rather quickly. Come March-April I started to get what my roommate and I thought was a smoker's cough. I had only been smoking cigarettes for less than a year, however. Along side the cigs I was smoking a plant as well. I thought nothing of it until late April.

I began to start feeling dizzy, shortness of breath and wheezing, tightness in my chest, chest pain and I was coughing up yellow/brown plegm quite often. That's when I started to get scared. For various reasons I was unable to see a doctor at my university so I was lucky enough to get azithromycin from a doctor I knew (they believe I had bronchitis). Just over a week passes and I finish my z-pack. The infection seems to be gone (no yellow sputum/phlegm), however I still had wheezing/tightness in my chest/shortness of breath. A few weeks pass as well as a few doctors visits and now I'm on my third round of antibiotics (tomorrow I'll be finished). I've taken azithromycin, doxycyline, and ciprofloxaxcin since, and I even managed to get a sinus infection/strep a few days ago...

Needless to say, the anxiety and stress caused by this has scared me into being completely straight edge, no alcohol, smoking, or anything. I quit tobacco over a month ago and I've drank once since I got scared and started having what I thought were panic attacks due to everything.

If I force the breath out on an exhale right now, it sounds like a hoarseness in my lungs or as if someone could literally take a spoon in my lungs and scrape some gunk out and I would be fine. That's the only type of wheeze I currently have but it WILL NOT go away. If I laugh a lot, I start coughing, but nothing comes up. I have to force myself to cough and force this white thick plegm up so I momentarily feel better.

I apologize for the long passage, I still didn't even get to fit everything I wanted in, but does anyone have an clue as to what could possible still be going on with me? I'm looking for any sort of advice because I believe my doctor is the type that gets you in and out as fast as possible without really helping...

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