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breathing problem ?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 21, 2006
  • 11:00 AM

ever since my sister got a cat everything smells all bad and im allegic to it but lately instead of the runny nose or the ichy eyes ive had a problem breathing and sometimes its so bad i cant even talk my chest feels all tight and it gets worse during a workout. even when the cat isnt around this breathing problem persists could i just be catching a winter sickness or is it something worse like astma. could some1 help i dont wanna die in my sleep or anything like that

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  • Being highly allergic to a cat or other animal is very serious. It could cause the same outcome as a bee sting or taking medication that you are allergic to. You might be compromising your lungs by just being in a place where a cat has been. If you live with your sister, you should beg her to get rid of the cat. You need to see an allergy specialist to verify this is an allergic reaction. It is no laughing matter and as I said, an allergy could cause a potentially fatal outcome.
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  • Definitely get your whole family to help you. It's important to keep the door to your room closed so the cat doesn't use that room. Keep your things in your room so the cat doesn't sleep on them. Just making sure the house is vaccuumed frequently may help. If you do the vaccuming, use a dust mask in case whatever you are allergic to gets stirred up. It can also sometimes help if your sister will just wipe over the cat's fur with a damp paper towel once a day, this can cut down on the amount of dander on its fur (which is spread on its fur when it licks to groom its fur). Important: You need to go to an allergy clinic as soon as possible to find out if you are allergic to cats or something else, because allergies can be serious. Consider if anything else in the house is new and could be causing your allergy. Some people are allergic to cat litter. It can also be very unhealthy to breathe the dust from the litter. I recently was having breathing trouble. I had used scoopable clumping litter for my cats for years and thought it was so convenient. But it suddenly occurred to me it might be building up in my lungs--and my cats' lungs. I switched to Feline Pine litter and it has been great for me and the cats. It turns out to be less expensive too because a little goes further. It's good at preventing smells, too. And no harmful dust for anyone to breathe in. But an allergy can be serious so definitely go to an allergy clinic. If you are allergic to cats, you may be able to have allergy shots for a while instead of giving up the cat. Medical doctors at an allergy clinic will know what you need to do. Good luck and God bless you!
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  • Definitely see an allergist as soon as possible because the fact that it's gotten worse and you sometimes can't breathe is serious. Don't wait, make an appointment at an allergy clinic. This is also important in case it's something else causing your symptoms, not an allergy. They'll determine that. Good luck!
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  • Hi in my own case, i get easily depressed anxious and stressed(sometimes hypertensive and notice breathing problems especially at extensive talk of over 8mins. I notice i have some antisocial behaviours like living in isolation and not relating well with others. Doctor took a chest xray on me and told me i had dorsal scoliosis on the left lung. He said it is not severe. The question is how do i cure it that it doesn't affect my relationship work and healthy living, I'm in my thirtees yet single I appear to loose self confidence in things I do even when I'm so good at them. And can this have effect on my kids
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    • November 9, 2010
    • 07:20 PM
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