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breathing in bleach while cleaning.

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  • Posted By: lintek
  • June 18, 2007
  • 10:49 AM

I can't believe I'm sitting here asking others if they've ever heard of this happen?
I was cleaning in a frenzy yesterday to prepare for a realestate agent to come by on mon. to look at our rental home. the land lady didn't give us much notice.
I mix clorox w/water in a spray bottle and it works amazingly to take away any mold that builds up in the tiles of my shower wall and shower curtain.

but..... I also practically had my face near the rug cleaning up dust and I was trying to not breathe it in. I am allergic to dust.

at the end of the cleaning day, I started getting this scratchy, irriating feeling in my entire throat down to my lungs. I was weazing heavily and could barely catch my breath when i layed down. the burning when I coughed felt as if I had bronchitis and I have't had that in many many years. I very seldom get colds either, maybe once every couple years.

my daughter has a cold and it's in her chest too.

I feel achey and crappy but not as bad as I'd think I'd feel if I had a cold.

question is: can clorox rip up your esophegus like that? where it feels raw and on fire when you cough, not to mention the frog like cough that it makes. I took a swallow of cough syrup last night becasue it was driving me insane.
I woke up this morningn with it too.
I HAVE to go to work because i missed last week due to other problems.
my health has not been well in other aspects. not due to a virus or colds.

some person I know asked me if I breathed in bleach and I could't believe he asked me this, because he was right.
he said the burning will last for about a day or so and not longer than that.

I've never heard of such a thing. I've cleaned my walls before and I've stood behind the curtain in the tub to spray down the curtain as well and never suffered like this before.
I would think if it is the clorox that did this to me that people should be warned. It's a chemical isn't it? therefore very toxic. I hope I didn't damage my lungs. it's freaking me out.

I just want to know if it is the clorox because I dont' dare do it again. and after I found such a fantastic way to clean my tile walls without having to even put an inch of effort into it. you spray it on., leave it and come back an hour later and it's white as snow. no muscle work involved.

just wondering if this has happened to anyone else here.
the wheezing is what really scared me. so much to the point where I felt I was going to have to go to the ER to have inhale medication given to me.

what a scarey night.

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  • When you are using clorox it must be a well ventelated area and you have to spray it on and get out of there. Don't breathe the stuff. Or dilute it alot and spray it on. It will take longer but will do the job just fine and won't hurt your lungs as bad. DO NOT MIX CLOROX WITH ANYTHING ELSE EVER IT CAN KILL YOU FAST. I made the mistake of mixing clorox with oxalic acid to remove rust stains in my clothes. I was in the er with respiratory shut down in a matter of minutes. They could not stabelize me. So from the voice of experience be careful. I also have dust allergys I use a mask when I am cleaning it helps alot.
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