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Asthma or something else?

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  • Posted By: ellie87
  • April 7, 2007
  • 03:07 AM

Hi - I'm a twenty years old, a non-smoker, and in college. After two cases of bronchitis last summer (both had to be treated with predinsone, which helped a lot), chest pain when waking up, and difficulty breathing, I was diagnosed with asthma. I was put on some standard asthma meds (flovent, singulair, albuterol). They didn't do a whole lot, but after being treated with more steroids and antibiotics, I felt better anyway. Then, in January I contracted some kind of flu-like illness, which led to such severe breathing/chest pain problems that I ended up in the ER. I was diagnosed with bronchitis again and put on prednisone and antibiotics. When I was home in March, I went to see a pulmonologist, who put me on advair and albuterol/atrovent, and kept the singulair. Based on the results of a chest x-ray, he said that I still had bronchitis, and also put me on antibiotics. Within a couple of days my breathing and chest pain had gotten a lot worse. I tried asmanex instead of the advair, which didn't alleviate the symptoms - chest pain, trouble breathing (even when sitting down writing a paper or something similarly calm), lightheadedness, fatigue, etc. I went to a pulmonologist at school, who said that I had a midsystolic click and sent me for another chest x-ray and blood tests. I have an echocardiogram and pulmonary function tests scheduled for later this month.

I have a history of chronic sinus infections, migraines, allergies, and unexplained weight loss.

Basically, I don't really know what to do for the next few weeks. I've been taking the albuterol and atrovent a couple times a day, which just makes me jittery and does nothing to help with my breathing. Has anyone ever experienced these symptoms or have any advice?


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  • Oh, I forgot to mention that a couple of months ago I had some other blood tests done and I had a high sedimentation rate...the doctor wasn't really sure what to do with the information.
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  • Look into mycoplasma or chlaymidia pnemoniae infections. I had this and had same symptoms. Antibiotics will acutually make you feel worse at first (As you kill the bug) but you will improve slowly. Doxycycline and Zithromax are the only ones that work -long term 6 mos or so.
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  • Years ago, during my senior year of high school, I had a lot of similar problems. I had had asthma for years, but it was mostly controlled by albuterol and seravent, but suddenly nothing would control my asthma and a very bad cold/sinus infection triggered months of serious asthma trouble, during which I also developed pleurisy (an inflammation of the lining of the lungs that makes it sharply painful to breathe in). I had various other symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, and lightheadedness that were mainly caused by my inability to breathe. My pulmonologist prescribed advair, and after a month or so of worsening asthma, we discovered that I was one of the very few people in whom advair (something about the powered mixture of the 2 medicines--flovent and seravent) was giving me an adverse reaction and worsening my breathing ability. I stopped the advair and moved to just take the 2 medications in it serparetely, and my asthma improved and, eventually, everything got better. If nothing is working, you might want to try that. Also, it could be triggerd by something in your home. Once I bought dust covers for my bedding and pillows, my asthma improved greatly. I know how rough it is to go for so long having such trouble breathing--I hope it improves soon!
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    • October 24, 2007
    • 00:51 AM
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  • I have a 10 year old boy who has been suffering with so called Asthma for 6 long years. He has excessive mucus which causes him to have a constant gurgling sound and severe chest pains when absolutly at it's worst. He is on is on antibiotics every six weeks with Predlinosone. The Predlinosone also makes him very nasty. On a daily basis he takes two puffs of Flovent twice a day. After countless ENT's, Pulmonologists, Allergists and Natural healing Doctors visits not to mention all types of blood work, bronchoscopy's and experimenting with medications the only thing they can find wrong is that he is allergic to wheat, gluten, yeast and food dyes. He has been sufferring so long with this that it does depress him and it makes him very angry. So far no Doctor can figure out why this child has so much excessive mucus.Has anyone ever experienced these types of symptoms and if so what can I do about making my son feel better?
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    • October 24, 2007
    • 02:18 AM
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  • My 2 year old son has been sick with cold-like symptoms for a year. He coughs all night until he usually gags himself. Lately, he has been coughing so horribly that he cannot catch his breath sometimes, and it is very scary. He was recently diagnosed with a sinus infection, by his allergist, Dr. Shaw. The ear, nose and throat doc (Dr. Jung) thinks that it is a chronic sinus infection. We have been back and forth with both docs because the first time we met with Dr. Jung, 8 months ago, he diagnosed my son with a sinus and ear infection. He was also diagnosed with bronchitis and the flue by his pediatrician. I also had the flu and bronchitis. He took antibiotics and I didn't, but we both got better. He seemed ok for two weeks, and then the nighttime coughing began again, he seemed like he had a stuffed nose or runny nose all the time. We proceeded with treatment with the allergist, who tried albuterol (nebulizer) and antibiotics for another sinus infection. My son wouldn't take the antibiotics, so I feel he didn't get rid of the sinus infection. During the course of taking the albuterol, my son's cough went from more of a hacking dry cough to a productive cough (and has remained for 4 months). Because of the production, the allergist diagnosed him with asthma. Then, he prescribed pulmicort everday for 3 months. Within the last two weeks, the coughing is worse, to the point of constantly throwing up from coughing through the night (yes, we tried propping the pillows, air conditioning for the room, etc.). I am sure that the pulmicort and albuterol are working, probably after he developed bronchitis that has gone undiagnosed, and that is probably what he is throwing up and that is causing him to cough. But, in the past two weeks, we went to the allergist with our worries. He prescribed another antibiotic, continued pulmicort and albuterol breathing treatments, and not to use nasonex. Also, we specifically asked if he had an ear infection, to which the allergist said no. That was on Thursday. The following Tuesday, we took him to the ear nose and throat doc for the second time in 8 months, gave the history, and received a prescription for nasonex. I explained the allergist's treatment, and he was going to send the allergist a letter. Because this ear, nose and throat doc performed the procedure of removal of the adnoids and tubes in the ears to two of my boss' sons who were always sick, I feel this may be the correct thing to do. The ear, nose and throat doc feels it is not asthma but drainage from the sinus infections that never went away with the antibiotics, and this drainage is effecting him at night, making the productive cough. We are now awaiting the antibiotics to clear up the sinus infection (which can be caused by asthma) and then my son will be put to sleep to have a CT scan. Since I have had this same procedure to me when I was 5, it could be hereditary. The ear, nose and throat doc said he saw "bubbles of fluid" in the ear, not an ear infection, but that fluid is not draining (which was the reason I had the procedure done as a child - the fluid builds up behind the eardrum and the eardrum will not be able to vibrate - remove the adnoids, drainage is allowed - and I have never had a sinus infection, but I did have chronic ear aches, which my son does not). It looks as if this procedure is the way to go. Everyone that I know, just about, has had to have part or all of the procedure. Also, another study is showing a link with acid reflux and these very same symptoms, which my husband suffers from, as well.
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    • November 3, 2007
    • 01:52 AM
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