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any advice ?

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  • Posted By: raymae
  • November 23, 2006
  • 07:34 PM

i developed a cough with a cold sore throat etc.. back in march this year. the illness went except the cough, which was mainly in the mornings and evenings but also got triggered of during the day if i laughed too much. (like a restricted feeling) i also started getting little stabbing pains in my rib cage on right side and sometimes in the area above the breast. had a couple of days of pain in right leg back of knee and also in the pad of my foot on the right side. then a month later had pains on the left side of ribcage just under breast aswell. pains in belly on occassions also. i dont feel short of breath the majority of time i only really notice im a little out of breath when im running up and down the stairs and am stressed at the time then i feel my heart race a little faster too. i went to the doctors who said my lungs sound clear and sent me for an xray, i got the results back in june i have increased broncopulmonary markings which apparently is seen as normal for my history of smoking. (i have smoked for 20 years, not always heavy but a few years were, i gave up for a while a few months back and unfortunatly ended up back on them but do not smoke a pack a day as i did before, and am gonna keep on trying to quit until i succeed) anyway the doctor then done a peak flow test which i continued to do for a week at home. my peak flow was around 320 am and 380 to 400 pm. i got diagnosed with asthma (which i had before as a child) and given an asthma pump which when used in the morning takes my peak flow up to the same as my evening reading. i still had the cough though so a month or so later the doctor gave me a steroid pump aswell, the cough is now very much under control and i cough a couple of times first thing in the morning either after doing my peak flow metre (if i blow to hard) or after taking my steroid spray. this month i have actually had some mornings with no cough at all, i no longer cough during the day or evening. my cough is dry no mucus comes up (although sometimes in the mornings i do feel mucousy in the throat) i think over the 8 months this has been going on for ive had three occassions that ive brought anything up with my cough and on each time its been different (tiny bit of green, tiny bit of yellow and a tiny round white ball )
since being diagnosed with this i have had various occassional pains, like a pricking in my mid tummy on a couple of occassions the same kind of pain on the under side of my right elbow, pain in my lower back to the sides, sometimes get like a pulling or burning pain in between shoulder blades (often when sitting in a bad postion for a long time when on pc etc..) on one occassion i had a very tender to touch right shoulder blade only hurt when touched. my main on going pains are over my rib cage under the breasts sometimes left sometimes right and sometimes on top of breasts, sometimes chest hurts when taking deep breaths and other times it doesnt, i had very bad episode of pain down my sternum (thought i was having heart attack) it was sharp and hurt on breathing moving and terrible pain when i touched the area. i also have on going discomfort in my right shoulder at the front, it is not tender to touch again sometimes it feels uncomfortable when i inhale sometimes if i bend down and reach it outwards to pick something up. i seem to have a few days every so often where nothing is hurting or uncomfortable but then it starts up again. doctor has referred me to a physiotherapist as she feels its muscularskelotor related (i had a whip lash injury 3 years ago and had a year and half physio for back and neck) but is it possible for it all to flare up again? i didnt hurt my ribs or shoulder. i had full blood count esr and crp that all came back normal so i have no inflammation going on. i must add my pain goes away when i take aspirin or ibroprofen but i dont want to have to keep taking that so i just put up with the discomfort most of the time. recently i have also noticed that after eating a meal i tend to feel it on my chest for some time after and not so much burp but more like a single hic cup quite often that will also taste of the food ive just eaten. i dont know if i have various problems going on or if there all connected but any ideas you can give me would be much appreciated. i am 32 years old.

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