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Adult onset asthma 1 year w pain

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  • Posted By: rjonesod
  • January 13, 2008
  • 08:12 PM

I am a 47 yo non smoker. Very active singles tennis player.

about a year ago I came down with hypersensitivity pneumonitis (IGes 300)
I have never had a lung infection but this debilitated me severly.

I was treated with steroid injection and inhaled. I started to get better but I noticed my stamina on the court was diminished. Out of gas in 3 games vs my normal 20-30. Thought I was out of shape or something. It got worse the next week. I finally had to quit tennis leagues.

Along with the asthma I had chest pain as in sore around my ribs sternum area. My Dr told me to get my heart check out. I have done so two types treadmills ect. All seem ok. A pulmonoligist suggested that I may have a pnemonia. (This is almost a year after the event)

I took zithromax 7 on 7off 7 on. It did much more than any of the steroids or albuterol did. The pain is diminished but not gone. I can only run about 10 yards and get intense chest spasms (Not wheezing attacks) like a leg cramp.

It does not feel like asthma it feels like my chest muscles or pleural area is infected still. Its also giving me major fatigue, like I have the flue all the time.

Chest CTs show mild fibrosis - and Nitric oxide shows elevated levels even with all the steroid injections and advar 250 bid x1 year.

Now they have me on antifungals.

I am thinking maybe a bronchioscopy with cultures just to be safe. A few years back I had a case of vertigo, the Dr. power washed my ear and in the pan was actual mushrooms with spores. I could not believe it nor could the dr. So if I could have fungas in my ear is it possible I have it growing in my lungs?

I have heard some stories of normal CTs that looked like asthma but were more than that on bronchiscopy.

All I know are my lungs are not close to the way they were prior to the exposure and my energy is gone.

SHould I get a bronchioscopy?
How invasive is it?
Does it take much skill on the Drs part to perform it without causing a major
astham attack.

THanks for any help you can lend.

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