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Lemierre's Syndrome

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  • Posted By: sunflwz2
  • July 17, 2008
  • 05:30 PM

Hi there! I'm actually posting this to bring more awareness to this nasty disease that seems to be ALWAYS misdiagnoised! My little brother was misdiagnoised with Strep thtoat with out the Dr doing a throat culture. We found out 3 weeks later he had Lemierre's and he passed away 3 weeks after that. check out his website for more information and also leave us a comment!



Tammy :(

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  • I am so sorry to hear about your brother. It almost took my life too,. Heres my story: I was diagnosed with lemierre's syndrome and was hospitalized for 16 days…I am a female and 28 years old. Very healthy.I was admitted on 9/7/11 into the Emergency room because I was so tired and had no energy. I laid in bed for three days throwing up everything I ate and became extremely dehydrated. I had went to my doctor a week before he said I had strep throat and an ear infection and gave me 5 days of antibiotics which did nothing…When I was admitted to ER I was immediately hooked up to an IV. I had the shivers sooooooo bad. My entire body would shake because I was so cold. My fevers were an average of 101-103. I was quickly moved up to ICU were I remained f or 16 days. I was hooked up to SO many machines and it took about four days to discover what I had. At that point, I turned yellow from jaundice, my kidneys started to fail, my throat swelled up from the blood clot which also traveled to my lungs. I had issues breathing so for three days I was on a ventilator which was terrifying for my family. I had to have blood transfusions for 5 days because I had FOUR blood plates which anything under 20 ,000 is life threatening. I don’t remember much, they had me knocked out for most of it, almost comatose. I had so much blood taken, every test you can imagine. They had to keep me drugged up because they had a feeding tube in my mouth for almost two weeks. It was terrible!! Eventually the many antibiotics started working and after about 10 days I was able to eat real food. I was admitted to Saint Peters Medical center here in New Jersey. I had a terrific team of doctors. I thank god everyday that I am still here. Many times they weren’t sure if I was going to make it. I went home and remained home for about 11 days, I couldn’t walk much for a few days. I am not out for 17 days! And I feel great! So far no side effects (knock on wood) my strength is back, I feel as if nothing happened to me. Although I lost about 14 pounds lol. My doctor said I can’t get it again, does anyone know if that’s really true? I guess I am terrified of it coming back. I never felt so bad in my life. Remember we survived and we are very lucky. I feel bad for the ones who didn’t make it. Thank you all I just wanted to share my story.
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    • October 11, 2011
    • 04:14 PM
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  • Sorry for your loss!.....in early 2000 s, I found the forgotten disease...at the time they said i was the oldest male and and the 19th case....I was 36 thought it was the flu bug! went to hospital for it 105 temp for five days...doctor said flu anti biotics sent home!!! the next day i call 911 coughing blood couldnt walk fluid in hip area felt like heart attack .. if it wasnt for a Infect. D DR. walking by notice doctors talking about me and how they almost killed me! and not knowing what i had..took my chart read it and told them hes got it from here and has only seen twice in his life as a DR...Well was hospitalized for almost two months i.c.u first two weeks. 4 clots in neck and 6 in my lungs and a couple more in upper chest area 6 months of antibiotics and a year off work. almost lost me!. Well Now I am At Long term side Affect stage..last year Dr. said Cancer make my arrangement...I had to manyto count Blood clots in my bladder....surgery ..removed...4 mnth later DR baffled said
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    • January 25, 2017
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