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Early pregnancy

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Early pregnancy, the normal menstrual cycle in healthy women of reproductive age, once the period expired more than 10 days, pregnancy should be suspected. Early pregnancy to the development of a fertilized egg from implantation, placenta formation of estrogen, progesterone, human chorionic gonadotrophin from the smooth progress of the maintenance of pregnancy, the mother of these endocrine changes that produce a series of reactions.
Early pregnancy symptoms - early pregnancy and menopause are the main symptoms. Normal menstruation is normal, once the menopause, more than 10 days and has transcended trend should not think of pregnancy.
Early pregnancy symptoms - early pregnancy in response to stop after 6 weeks, there are dizziness, fatigue, lethargy, loss of appetite, a partial eclipse, as favored by eating acid foods, greasy and so tired, and have exceptionally degree of nausea, vomiting, vomiting and more in the morning.
Early pregnancy symptoms - frequent urination, enlarged uterus during early pregnancy in the pelvic trample bladder, frequent urination symptoms are obvious. When the uterus continuously increases, beyond the pelvic cavity, urinary symptoms but disappeared. Therefore, frequent urination is a symptom of early pregnancy diagnosis.
Early pregnancy symptoms - breast tenderness pregnancy as estrogen and progesterone stimulation, breast enlargement, pain, there is a small nodules protruding areola.
Common early pregnancy detection methods
Pregnancy test
This test can diagnose early pregnancy. When the fertilized egg implanted in the uterus, the pregnant women to produce a new hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin, its role is to help maintain the pregnancy. This hormone, in about 10 days after conception can come from a urine test. Check out all the urine human chorionic gonadotrophin, a pregnancy under normal circumstances. Therefore, the urine test called chorionic gonadotrophin pregnancy test. Urine pregnancy test, be sure to use the morning urine, because morning urine concentration, the higher hormone levels. In order to improve the positive test rate, the first night should be to minimize the amount of drinking water. Best to take container from the hospital laboratory, due to which preservatives, non-perishable urine, unconditional who used any jars, but need to wash and rinse with boiling water, boiled or sterilized. About 10 ml of urine collected after the morning, quickly sent to the hospital laboratory, such as time delays too long, can affect the test's accuracy, especially in summer, should pay attention to this.
Pregnancy test strip instructions
Earlier pregnancy testing: high sensitivity, usually after conception period expires the day the first 3-4 days before menstruation can be detected. More responsive: simple, fast, 1 minute displays the results. Results more clear: run fast board, floor board after running a clean, clear lines of interpretation.

B-type ultrasonic inspection
B ultrasound diagnosis of early pregnancy with the most accurate and reliable way. The first 5 weeks of pregnancy, as it is overdue menstrual week, the B-type ultrasound screen can show a circular ring inside the uterus, also known as pregnancy, ring, ring of dark areas of the amniotic fluid, which also shows rhythmic fetal heart beat.
Basal body temperature measurement
This is the most simple way. Bed every morning after waking body temperature, when the body temperature is called basal body temperature. Normal body temperature at 36.5 degrees before ovulation, less progesterone rise after ovulation, acting on the body temperature, so that the temperature rise 0.3-0.5 degrees. If not fertilized egg, then about a week after the progesterone drop, the body temperature returned to normal; if pregnancy is to maintain high levels of progesterone the same, so that the temperature remained high. Basal body temperature curve in the high-temperature phenomenon lasted 18 days or more, generally can be sure of early pregnancy. Also need to be reminded that, X-ray can not be used to diagnose pregnancy. Because only 18-20 weeks after pregnancy, X-ray can see the shadow of fetal skeleton, and when the X-ray early pregnancy can damage the fetus.
Early pregnancy detection
Early pregnancy strip test results in two ways: drops of urine on the detection of holes in the strip, such as in the control zone in a test paper with ribbon (some test strips were red, and some test strips were blue), that is not pregnant On the contrary, as apparent in the detection area Ribbon, then positive, indicating the occurrence of pregnancy.
Self-test early pregnancy women must keep in mind: early pregnancy test paper only as a screening examination. : Women of childbearing age appear to menopause, early pregnancy do not rely solely on a paper self-test to determine if they are pregnant. To be safe, you can then test again in three days. Of course, the most reliable or timely to the hospital to conduct a comprehensive examination, especially for weak-positive, in order to take measures. Here in particular, to point out that in recent years, frequent ectopic pregnancy, early pregnancy if for self-test false negative, while ignoring the timely diagnosis and treatment, a part of the amount of ectopic pregnancy implantation bleeding, rescue is not timely life-threatening.
Early pregnancy test, if you purchase the test strips stored for too long (more than 1 year), or strip damp, and did not pay attention to keep the normal room temperature (not cold Zang), may be invalid, false negative results occur. Early pregnancy test, if the beginning of pregnancy, or ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy) may, in vivo detection of HCG level is generally low the sample to be standing more than 3 minutes (usually 1 minute), and must be careful to identify whether there is weak positive - only looming detection area Ribbon.
Early pregnancy detection, and in extreme cases, such as mole, choriocarcinoma, the body will be too high HCG levels, but not the urine test showed positive.
Early pregnancy test, after 3 months of pregnancy, HCG levels drop, urine testing can sometimes be negative, or weakly positive. Early pregnancy test, positive result does not mean one hundred percent pregnancy. Because some tumor cells such as mole, choriocarcinoma, bronchial cancer and kidney cancer, also can secrete HCG. We also encountered patients with endometrial hyperplasia HCG test positive.
Notes on early pregnancy
Early pregnancy is a pregnancy in the first three months of this period is the formation of an embryo stage, any damage could affect the normal development of the embryo, or even cause early miscarriage or congenital malformations, pregnancy precautions so very important. Any exposure to harmful substances such as mercury, benzene, Xie radiation, noise and other working environment, they should apply for these jobs temporarily removed to avoid these influences embryonic development, causing birth defects.
Early pregnancy shall avoid infection, especially viral infections. Pregnancy if pregnant women suffering from rubella, can lead to congenital heart disease, microcephaly, deafness, mental retardation and so on. If the early pregnancy pregnant women suffering from severe cold, can cause fetal cleft lip, cytomegalovirus inclusion virus, hepatitis B virus and so can make the fetal loss, malformations, early pregnancy, so pregnant women should pay attention to health, little streets, or stopping to avoid contact with sick people, to prevent the spread of various diseases. Once sick, you should go to doctors at the treatment, indicating that you are pregnant, not self-Lan Fu, drugs, certain treatment by your doctor.
Second, we should feel happy, thinking relax. Trimester of pregnancy reaction (ie, "morning sickness" phenomenon), as long as the proper treatment of treatment, usually after 3 months will gradually return to normal. In order to avoid or reduce nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal discomfort, frequent meals can be way, light diet, do not eat greasy and spicy food, but we must insist on eating, otherwise it will affect the health of pregnant women, is not conducive to embryonic development . Pregnant women can eat sour foods, such as bayberry, citrus, vinegar, to increase appetite and help digestion. Sometimes may take some vitamin B complex and vitamin C or calcium, to supplement their nutrition. Vitamin B6 may reduce the pregnancy reaction. Not to collect clothes "antiemetic", "secret" or "recipe" and prevent the occurrence of adverse consequences.
In addition, family members should be concerned about women in early pregnancy, especially considerate husband to wife, not the line early pregnancy intercourse in order to avoid abortion, help women get rid of the troubled pregnancy reaction smoothly through the early pregnancy stage.

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