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Please identify this poison from these symptoms.

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  • Posted By: AnimaAeterna
  • June 20, 2013
  • 11:26 AM

For the past two weeks, I've been in and out of the hospital due to becoming very ill. First, I was coughing up blood streaks which continuously got worse and worse over a week. I told my mother about it and she watched me more closely than she was, seeing as how I isolate myself in my room all day. During this one week period, I started throwing up after a small bite of any type of food. I would get more and more sleepy and would be awake for less than eight hours a day, when normally I could stay up for twenty-four hours and be fine. I was starting to feel physically and mentally weak, like I was not capable of doing anything. It took effort to walk, and I couldn't walk for very long without practically falling over. It got to the point where all I could do was lay in bed and sleep, occasionally drinking sips of water here and there. My mother, being the overprotective mother that she is, took me to the hospital. After an hour drive, and half an hour wait, we got called into one of the doctor's rooms..though I needed support simply walking to it. I sat down, and we talked. Got asked some questions, but they are those normal questions you get asked when you see the doctor.

- "How have you been feeling as of late?"
- "Do you do drugs?"
- "What have you been doing lately?"

I answered all of these questions truthfully, and the doctor leaves the room for a while. About twenty minutes later, she comes in and has me taken to another room where some tests are taken on me. First, a blood test. I extend my arm, let them get blood, and then we move on to the next test, an x-ray. Well, not really a test, more like a scan. So I get an x-ray done on my abdomen and chest. They say we may go home while they get the results to the tests, since the results take time and are not instantaneous. I'm home for two days, feeling better than I was, before the same things happen again. I vomit the contents of my stomach a few times, and I start coughing up blood yet again. I was so confused, why was this happening? Turns out, I was poisoned. Not some simple food poisoning, but some other type of poison that had this name I could not pronounce. I was admitted to the hospital because the poison was fast acting. First, it would slowly tear down my immune system, gradually destroying the white blood cells that are inside of me. At first, not much damage is done, but the process speeds up rapidly over the course of a week, and even more blood gets coughed up. After being admitted into the hospital, they do some more tests which I won't get into because they aren't appropriate. But they come to me the next day saying that unless they can get the poison out of my system, my chances of living are slim, at about twenty percent. Fortunately, after a few days, I was better, or so I thought. I could walk better than I previously was able to, and I could stay up for longer periods of time. Then, a few more days later, these exact symptoms happen again, but a lot worse. My mother knew something was very wrong, so she drove to the hospital in a rush, and I was admitted yet again. This time, my chances were at about fifteen percent. I stayed optimistic, but I told someone I care about, and all the tears came to my face in a rush. We talked and talked, we both cried and we both felt many emotions. We hadn't talked much lately because of my illnesses this month, and I didn't have much contact with the world or anyone in it aside from my mother and grandparents. But I told her I'd get better again, I told her that I was strong, both mentally and physically, although it wasn't particularly true that I was physically strong at the time, I was feeling like a hero, silly me. But I'm writing this because it's a huge part of my life now. I recovered from it twice, not just once. I'm feeling better than ever, and I'm glad I survived. I am not ready to leave this world, nor would I want the aftermath to come to reality.

This should be a good challenge to your medical knowledge :D I would truly appreciate it having this poison identified, as it remains somewhat of a mystery to me and plenty of her friends. Identifying it might help possible future cases of the same type of poisoning.

Thank you.

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