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Lead poisoning

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  • Posted By: maggie01
  • March 2, 2007
  • 08:41 PM

I am a stained glass artist and have been diagnosed with level 5 lead poisoning.(89Bl) I am under the care of a doctor however I am noticing intermitant blurred vision. Do I need to also see an opthalmogist? Is this a symptom of lead poisoning?

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  • Hi maggie01 I have a big problem with lead poisoning, but haven't had any problems with my eyes so far. How long have you had this problem? Answer me back and maybe we can share some experinces:mad:
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  • Hi Maggie.Yes!! Absolutely!! My BLL was between 80-100. I lost Vision in my left eye for several months. Now It has only become occassional, which is due to the fact that my lead level has slowly dropped after removing myself from the source.
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  • Hi!This is responging to the last Lead poisoning post to Maggie:You said your BLL was between 80-100. and lost Vision in your left eye for several months and this now is only occassional, which is due to the fact that your lead level has slowly dropped after removing yourself from the source.Could you please tell me what is your protocol for bringing down the lead and I don't go by the BLL but urine testing. When they tested my blood level is normal, but the hair, and urine testing were off the page.:) dragon
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  • lead poison, well i am dying from it. my blood level was said to be 69 however it was a job a coverup took place and the symptoms i displayed were well over 100 blls. Hypertension, Hyperlipdemia. Anemia, Colic, joint and mussel pain, 9 mini strokes 5 major heart attacks, sleepless then over sleeping and back to sleeping to much. 4 minor heart attacks 3 vessel heart disease all began during a renovation of a historic home. and having leased a home with no disclosure double dose of lead poison for my family and I. After the Colic I suffer bad bouts of being vary aggervated. left by doctors to suffer 9 heart attacks and 8 mini strokes before they'd admit to 3 vessel heart disease that could not be treated withheld the only antidote for lead poison Chealation treatments. The body has no use for lead poison it attacks your blood making factory liver, kidney, bones brain, heart all soft tissue it is a Metabolic disruption caused by the lead poison that causes all these Symptoms, I suffer PAD, have had another mini stroke which blurred vison a few seconds has been a warning sign each of my now mini strokes my eyes were blurred a few times eith shortly before and after or during the mini stroke the eyes have been victim. I suffer CNS and Bone pains in my feet and hands pins and needles in my feet numbness of my feet with my hand and feet and leg bones feeling as they would snap as i walk. Severe Calf pain and rump pain as i try to walk fro the PAD. Arm in shoulder areas consistant pain worse if i use them or raise them vary long likely both symptom of poly-CNS and symptoms of heart attack. Angina that gets worse if i try to walk to far or dare to run. was continued angina up until a ulcer cropped up. Which now the pain from the Ulcer is masking my chest pain and I can no longer measure my level of pain in my chest and know with 100% that i am correct in my feelings. The knees tend to go out sometimes one sometimes both something to treat the lead poison not done was the removing the lead from the body it resurfaces laying hiding in bone RF-XRAY is the best was to know your total lead level it has storage times 30 days in the blood. Worse to it all it is killing me should have already no thanks to doctors and wherein I live no laws protect you. Lead poison will kill me but they will blame heart or stroke which ever hits deadly first. The People who made lead poison happen to others are rarely held accountable and its pretty clear there is no cure no reversing the damages unless caught vary quickly and age of victim. Worse the lead poison facts and risk are wiyheld from the renter/leasee, buyer or downplayed if made known. Lead is a big deal and can be a deadly deal wherein someone calls the kettle white instead of black as they used to say. To those at top levels the dangers and harm lead poison causes has been long known and was a product that never have been used by the general public and left to degrade in the care of the public. Fact is the paint companies would have sold more paint without it because the paint wouldnt last as long. So it was known this paint was going to be a real issue to public health and childrens health/
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