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if not CO poisoning, then what?!?!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 3, 2008
  • 11:08 AM

I live in a duplex in an old house with my cat and friend.
We have an electric stove, gas water heater, and not many windows that open.
About a week-two weeks ago it became very hard to sleep, though I was ALWAYS tired (even after sleeping for what is normally enough sleep for me). This has continued and my sleep schedule has been absolutely horrible. It was also around this time that my cat would whine a lot at night, as if she was trying to warn us of something. She is normally very quiet unless if she needs her litter changed or food, and she didn't need either.
Yesterday I woke up around 3pm feeling extremely dizzy and nauseous. Anytime I would move I would feel like I was falling in some vortex. My stomach started to feel as if I could throw up (it got so annoying that I tried but didn't work). More sleep was my first thought, so I went back to sleep. I woke up even more dizzy and nauseous. My friend was too. I figured, maybe I was hungry as I didn't have a good meal in a while. I had to force myself to eat some toast. I had absolutely no appetite. He didn't either, and we both also had the chills. These seemed like flu symptoms, and since we live so close it seemed logical that we would both have it. So we decided to go out and get some soup and light food since there was none in the house. We both felt digustingly dizzy and disorientated with headaches and stomach pains.
But! Magically after driving for a while with the fresh air coming through the windows we both felt A LOT better. And even better after eating and being out for a while.
We figured, maybe the house is just stuffy.
So we went back feeling rejuvenated to only begin to feel horrible again.
He makes the suggestion of carbon monoxide poisoning, and I remember my friend telling me of this happening in her apartment building. After looking up the symptoms they match perfectly.
We go out and buy two detectors.
One goes off inside our house. To make sure it's not just weird we tried it outside and it didn't go off.
I called the gas company, they sent someone out. (this was around midnight) He says "IT'S NOT POSSIBLE! you have no gas appliances!"
Our neighbors might have.
He checked the levels with his CO level tester, and says they're nothing abnormal. (What is nothing abnormal? I've heard any amount over a prolonged period of time can cause brain damage . . .I certainally don't need that.)
Then he went and checked the water heater. Apparently that was fine.
(at this point at had been outside with my cat for a while and had felt perfectly fine, while my friend who had been inside still felt horrible)
He went to check our neighbors. Apparently, all was fine there. (he rushed off, obviously didn't want to be there . . .)
Our neighbors joked about it that it was some food we ate. Uhhh no. I've had food poisoning numerous times and it was nothing like this. We're also both vegetarians and rarely come in contact with questionable food. I've also had almost any common illness imaginable due to working with children, and I've never felt anything like this (due to that I'm immune to most things anymore . . . I've been around people with the flu for over 24hrs and managed not to get it.)
I've done more research and CO poisoning fits the bill perfectly. We've both had memory problems for the past few weeks and we've both been tired and dizzy and all that.
I can't find anything else that it explains this, but if CO isn't present in my house I have no idea where this is coming from.
Lead poisoning was another possibility, but the symptoms don't match up nearly as well.

Thanks for any help!

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  • We have CO detectors in our home because of water heater. I know you say you don't have one. Funny my nose is sensitive and I smell stuff. Husband swears never smells. But alarm is not going off. See if you can use the CO detector to figure out source. Hopefully House is not full. Don't put batteries in. Go in each room and then put batteries in and see if goes off. Unless entire home is full, should not go off until close to source -- your waterheater. What if source is from other side of duplex? I would keep trying these tests for a least a week during various times of the day. When sleeping there should be windows open with fans drawing out air. Ask the firedepartment to check the duplex next door. It is their life too. Have them their if you can prove your meter goes off. Besure you have a fairly good meter. YOu were going in and out of house may have disapated gas. I will tell you we lived in old home, my grandparents had old homes. Windows were always cracked for drafts. They had gas stoves and heaters. So did we. We always closed the doors to the kitchen and gas heater each night, but doesn't mean it won't seap through house. Trust your insticts that something is wrong with air. That is the old adage of cave man existance. Those with good instincts lived. Those who did not have good instincts died. Good luck. :o
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