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unknown puss dischage from ear

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  • Posted By: Teralie
  • September 17, 2013
  • 03:56 PM

i need help please about four weeks ago my nine year old daughter had pus discharge coming from her
right ear i thought it was just a simple ear infection but from day one of doctors visits there has been no sign of
a infection except for the pus discharge she started with the discharge that followed two days later with pain then a masive
swollen ear with tenderness all around she has been admitted into hospital twice and on all sorts pf antibiotics.
there was no sign off infection in her blood test nothing in the mri scans now four weeks later she is still having pain and tenderness
with her ear with masses of yellow whitish discharge running out off her ear I'm even clean it in the middle of the night.
I'm at the point where its making me feel sick in the stomic every tine i have to clean it.
she has no perferated ear drum, the drum it self looks good I've been told as well as the connal.
her hearing tests where normal but no one can tell me why after nine years of never being admitted into any hospital all up to date
with imunisations no health problems other then the mild ashma what is wrong with my daughter.
i really want to know what's wrong with her so i can fix it and she can go back to her normal life again.

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  • Yellow pus usually means there is an infection somewhere. I had ear problems for years as a child. My ear actually had blood and puss coming out of them. Doctors wanted to remove my tonsils but luckily my parents could not afford it at the time. I am fine today. However, I recall there was a close connection to the mucus in my esophagus and my ears. Doctors never connected the two seeing no infection in my sinuses. In fact they did not see any mucus in my throat or nose etc, but I know I made it come from my sinuses and spitting out. This was also in my ears. Somehow I just knew it was all connected even though the doctors did not connect the dots. Mom gave me deflamatory medicationand the condition would clear up. Today, I still get episodes of the hidden infection, and I take Aleve which has a deflamatory in it. Goes away immediately. If it is bad, I take antibiotics for a couple of days and Aleve and it is gone for a long time. It seems it comes back if I get a cold or something. But other than that, I know it is simply an infection my body is susceptible too if I get sick with virus or something. I am seldom sick with a cold or virus nowadays. Maybe once every 3 years or so. I kept my tonsils. Does your child still have tonsils? Sounds to me like there is a hidden infection somewhere. You don't get yellow discharge if there is no infection. The discharge would be white if there was no infection. Hope this helps.
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    • November 9, 2013
    • 06:09 PM
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