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Short term memory loss, head pains, oversensitive, mental illness. Help?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 7, 2014
  • 08:40 PM

The last two years or so I've been having more or less a constant headache, slowly getting worse. It is so bad at times I think I might throw up. Sometimes my vision blurs. The pain is sometimes on the left side of my head, sometimes the right, sometimes in the whole head. Sometimes it's pulsing, stabbing, or it's just a painful pressure. I got my eyes checked, and its not them causing this. I also eat as healthy as I can, and I don't lack any vitamins.
I'm also having troubles with bad short term memory. This started about the same time as the head pains. I used to think I'm just easily distracted, but it has become a little more than that. F.ex I went to the kitchen to fetch a glass of juice, I got the glass, placed it on the table, but by the time I was at the fridge I'd forgotten I even got a glass. When I had the bottle from the fridge I went to go to get a new glass, unaware I already had fetched one. But when I placed the bottle on the table (I saw the first glass, but assumed it was someone else's), and turned away for a moment, I would forget about the juice bottle, and go to get a new one, being a little confused when I couldn't find the juice in the fridge. It's comical, I know. I'm having the same problems as my grandmother, only I'm 21. These things keep happening. I sometimes have troubles keeping a conversation, because I forget what people've said when their sentence is over. I also have holes in my memory, f.ex there was a period of time I couldn't remember a single thing of what I did this summer. My parents tried helping me remember, and after a while I could remember fragments of my summer holidays, but not more.
At about the same time as the head pain started, and the slowly worsening short term memory, I've become more sensitive to tastes, cold temperatures, and sunlight. I can't stand salty food anylonger, or food with strong flavours, and it keeps getting worse. I'm always cold, and when I'm outside during day my head and eyes hurt and I have to squint my eyes.
At some point during the last years, I've also become quite indifferent, uninterested in things, apathetic and careless. I don't care much about people around me, and I don't care about social interaction. It confuses me, because I used to be a very emotional and caring person.
Lastly I'll have to mention I have a small history of mental disorders. Which I used to believe was the cause of my bad memory, but I'm starting to doubt it. When I was 17 years (4 1/2 years ago) I had a breakdown, and was admitted to hospital for mentally ill. I had psychotic symptoms (hallucinations and delusions), I was depressive, suicidal, I had anxiety. Generally unstable. I was admitted again for a short time when I was 19, simply to get some rest. I have slowly gotten better since 17, but I still take medication, though not so big amounts anymore (Seroquel depot, Remeron and sometimes Truxal). Today I'm trying to finish school so I can go to university, and my mental health is not bothering much, I'm actually quite well. Which is why I'm doubting my bad memory is connected to my mental health.
When I speak to my therapist about my severe head pains, the memory loss, sensitivity and indifference, she recommends me to get a further examination from a doctor, but she doesn't seem too concerned. I haven't done it yet, but I definitely will.

I figured I'd make a post here to see if this seems familiar to anyone, because I'm getting a little desperate. I need to know what I could do to prevent these things, or if there might be an illness worth looking into, that can be connected to these symptoms. Any thoughts or suggestions? Does it seem familiar?
Every comment helps. (And excuse my English, it's not my native language.)

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  • Anonymous, Read labels on your personal health care items: body moisturizer, shampoo, anti-perspirant, body sprays, etc. Look for an ingredient called Coumarin. STOP using it if it has coumarin. Companies started using Coumarin as a fragrance, tho they know it's toxic. Coumarin is similar chemically to Rat Poison. It disrupts absorption of vitamin K in the intestines and causes loss of smell, taste, memory, & ability to concentrate. Take Vitamins K1, K2 and D to restore. Doceo
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    • February 17, 2014
    • 10:31 PM
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  • MANY potential causes possible. Docs R poor sleuths these days; many can't deal; some can be flagrantly inappropriate. Mental? Maybe.
    But before thinking that is a stand-alone DX [diagnosis], consider: subclinical / clinical hypothyroid, which can cause depression, bipolar, and other psychotic changes, etc.
    LYME's, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Migraines, MCS, FMS, all can cause mental symptoms. The body is loaded with inflammation. Body needs help. 2 little space here-much can be done.
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  • I'd thoroughly check endocrine system TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3, Thyroid antibodies, cortisol tests. The body regulates reactions to stress, mood, emotions, energy, etc, through the HPA Axis (hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenals) Lyme can also disrupt this endocrine system. I'm not a dr but just a hunch and maybe somewhere to start.
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  • Lupus
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  • mini strokes ?
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • October 20, 2015
    • 06:32 AM
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