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In October of 2014 I went to work at a local hospital in St Lucie county Florida. I was a nurse and

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  • August 9, 2017
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I was assigned patients on a wing of the unit that they had workmen come to strip the floor, they had on protective gear and large exhaust exhaust fans blowing. I had no idea what was about to happen. As soon as they started working I became violently ill. I could feel the dust particles falling on my skin and I immediately developed a rash over every exposed area of my body. My eyes became swollen and red my voice was hoarse and my throat way sure my ears was ringing and I was vey dizzy. I notified my charge nurse but I was not given any emergency care at the time. I did fill out an incident report and at the end of the 12 hr shift I went home. I was so ill for about 2weeks I was not able to get out of bed without assistance. I did notify my job about my condition and the sent me to one of there work comp doctors who did a lung capacity test in which they coached me through in order to pass. They did lab work and my white blood cells were elevated. They gave me a decodron shot and a course of prednisone, the diagnosis that day was chemical exposure. Eventually because my symptoms were not getting better they consulted ear nose and throat doctors and a neurologist. They did allow me to see the ENT who found out that my airway was burnt and that I loss some hearing in my ear I still to this day have the continuous ringing in my ears I had spells were my teeth would Nash together because I felt so cold. I would get the sensation of falling backwards and feeling dizzy. The ENT referred me to a Environmental and Chemical specialist and a neurologist. Also a pulmonogist. They did not allow me to see the neurologist or the Chemical and evironmental specialist but they did sent me to endocrinologist Dr Micheal Belcon who diagnosed atipical raynards became my hand were turning blue and were very cold. He also sent me for a pulmonary function test which came back abnormal and some lab work. After this I was referred to the pulmonalogist Mark Palmer whose only goal was to sign me off to go back he also did a pulmonary function test which he repeated over and over he then wrote on his report the i was faking it and wrote that I should return to work no further treatment need. At this point I was force to settle my work comp case because I was not getting to see the doctors that was recommended and I was get worse. After the case was done. I found a agency contract work. It was very difficult for me because ew symptoms started to emerge swelling and pain in all my joints, weakness numbness tingling, diarrhea urine frequently visual disturbances and on the last day of the contract I was sttting on a chair doing my notes a attempted to get up when I had the most severe back pain. It felt like a star burst in my back and went down to my feet I could not stand up straight. The pain was the same two days later so my husband took me to the ER. They did X-ray and told me I had osteoarthritis of the lumber spine the did give me a injection muscle/ pain killer and referred me to a Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Emily Putney. At that point I was complaining of pain in every joint in my body. My neck shoulder elbow wrist my back hips they felt like someone took a large bore needle and was stabbing me through my hip my knees ankle feet. She did X-rays and MRI of my lumber spine and found osteoarthritis and also stated there was a spot that she did not know what it was. I was also complaining of my neck so she did a X-ray and found degeneration there too. Soon after that I found a Chemical and evironmental specialist 2 1/2 hours away from my home Dr Chaim Hana in Ormond Beach Fl. When I went to here I was having the symptoms discribed above plus severe balance problems. She explained to me that because it had been so long since the incident she could not do urine or blood test to check for chemical she had to take a hair clipping. When the results came back I was 98% poisoned with heavy metals. She did detox, heavy metal chelation, and vitamin B12 shots. I was very depressed. A few month after this I went to revert for my ACLS/BLS and while I was there my hole body became numb my tongue was numb and painful I was clammy and felt like I was going to blackout I had to go home. I went to my primary and they sent me immediately to see a cardiologist. Stress test was done which made me violently ill I was vomiting. I also ha to wear a holter monitor for 24hr my heart was normal but going very fast 150s and PAC the doctor put it down to heavy metal poisoning. Another time I went back to my primary because I felt like I could not hold my head up it would suddenly fall to my chest. So he consulted neurologist Dr Celdron who ordered battery of test labs 24 hr urine,MRIs of brain cervicat spine, thoracic spine and lumber spine. The results came back that my Epstein Barr level was very high and I had multiple lesions on my Thoracic spine. Result came back known ms

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