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Weird Pains

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 10, 2010
  • 07:47 PM

Hello all! =)

Anyway, lately I have been having sharp stabbing pains in the left side of my chest. They happen randomly, whether I'm sitting down, to standing up. Although the pain may last up to 2-10 mins max. Also I've been having abdominal pains as well, I don't feel it until I stretch, and the pain has been there for 2 weeks already, and lastly I've been having really strong headaches....

What could this be? Please & Thanks

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  • Hi, you may have 1 or 2 problems.A reasonable thought is spinal problems (but not major).In 2 words posture & condition / toned.Basically "chest out, stomache in, shoulders back", think about posture at all times ! Even getting in and out of bed !Think mechanically how it should be done, not how you are currently doing it !e.g. when in a vehicle and going round a corner, you will use you stomache muscles to brase yourself. Do you push out or pull the stomache muscles in ?The correct answer should be "pull them in" and also the same applies when you get in and out of bed !Consider a towel under the neck instead of a pillow (it might seem wrong at first, but you are changing decades of habit). Or perhaps 1 thin pillow instead of 2.Possibly consider a mattress change, or if you mattress might be a bit hard, a quick cheap and supprisingly successfull alsternative is to place a duvette on top of your mattress to give extra depth and softness (to allow the spine to re-align during sleep).Another trick is once laying down, keep you shoulders stationary and use your hips and legs to pull your lower body half down the bed (hard to do at first), then after a few minutes do the same again and you may find that you lengthen by upto 1 inch (some people say they also sometimes hear a sound like fluid moving or want to stretch, but be carefull how you stretch).If this "lower body stretching" feels painfull, then take it easy, as it appears the joints were out and in fact you have released them, and after a few minutes it should ease, over 10 days you should notice less pain with each stretch.When you get up in a morning, take it carefully for the first 3 minutes ! ,during the night the spine stretches and so when you get up it starts to settle back and so can settle just slightly out of allignment and allows problems to come easily.After probably 2 weeks you should notice a differnece, and the importna t point is that you must keep it up, but because you are in "reasonably good condtion", you do not need to be quite so predantic about posture and doing everything correctly.If you are unsure, think intellegently and look after yourself, so if you think you need to see a Dovtor, do so as you only have 1 back.As previous, consider everything that you do, we all get sloppy.Good luck and let me know whether the above was of any use.
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