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Terrible bone pain?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 15, 2009
  • 04:48 PM

Firstly, I'm 15, I don't know if you knowing this helps.

For around 3-3 and a half weeks, I have had truly awful pain in my bones. At first I thought it was 'growing pains' (well that's what my mother said it was as she was telling me to shut up about it) but it doesn't feel like that and has been going on for a while.

It has woken me up several times, and has stopped me getting to sleep at a normal time nearly every night.

It started out in my arms and legs, with a constant ache, and sometimes random sharp, stabbing pain to top it off. If it's worse when I'm in bed, I've noticed that putting pressure on the particular bone (arm, for example, yes?) makes it hurt more. Sometimes - but not all the time - it hurts more at my joints too. Now it's in all these other bones too...

The bones this pain is in are: legs, (all bones) arms, (all bones, inc. hands and fingers), lower back, shoulders, jaw, hips (one more than the other) and my ribs and collar bones. Uh, most of them really, then.

Since Saturday, I have been taking paracetamol as many times as you can, and this hasn't helped at all. On Friday I am going to the doctor's, I'm asking about people's opinions here because I am going out of my mind with this pain, and would appreciate any thoughts.

I have some other symptoms too. I have been feeling generally ill lately, dizzy and sick. I have a liver condition called Gilbert's syndrome, which is asymptomatic in some people, but affects me a lot, and most of the time sickness and sometimes dizziness can be attributed to this, but lately my sickness medication has not been shifting the nausea. I have been actually vomiting recently too, that is rare for me. I have also been very tired lately, but this can also be put down to Gilbert's.
This bit is gross, sorry, but also sometimes after I have been to the toilet there is blood on the tissue, and also my gums bleed every time I brush my teeth, even though I brush my teeth every day.
I also have hypermobility (I score 9/9 on the scale, LOL.) and I know that joint aches can be a symptom of this, but it doesn't mention bone pain and I don't think this can be put down to that.

Any help/ideas whatsoever are very much appreciated, honestly. I have been Googling some of these things, but Google tends to come out with the worst case scenario, and has only served to make me feel worse through worrying. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. :)

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  • Please, get to a doctor. Check your temperature often, write it down (with times) and give this to the doctor. It could be any number of viral or bacterial infections. And be careful, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilbert%27s_syndrome - "While paracetamol is not metabolized by UGT1A1, it is metabolized by one of the other enzymes also deficient in some people with GS. A subset of people with GS may have an increased risk of paracetamol toxicity."The blood on the tissue must definitely be checked by a doctor. The procedure is very mildly uncomfortable, they use a clever cone device. This is much better than not knowing the cause. If the broken skin is on the outside, wipe with some mild hand lotion on the tissue. It may be the start of hemorrhoids / piles, which some believe actually come from the wrong ingredients passing through undigested into the anus.For the bleeding gums, ask the pharmacy for a mouthwash, made to fix that. Use every second time, instead of brushing, not together.What if nothing helpful is found? Others may not agree, but my advice is to then go vegetarian, say for 2 weeks. After that, start adding meat very slowly and see how it goes. For this two weeks also go fat-free everything, no oil of any kind, no butter, no sugar, and reduce all milk products. Totally avoid yeast (bread). Cook pasta or rice instead, and make your own sauce from basic ingredients (read what is in tins). Have plenty fresh veggies, steamed or cooked in water. Deep-water fat-free fish is OK, but never fried, steam it in a microwave. Drink only plain water, about 6-8 glasses per day. Then see what happens. If your condition improves (also less blood on the tissue) then your diet was involved - it usually is.
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  • Thanks for the advice. :-) Yesterday I went to my appointment, the doctor listened to me and ordered some blood tests. They're testing for just about everything. Thing is, I am now much more worried than I was before, as I booked an appointment for the blood work, and went home. Less than an hour after I got home, the surgery rang me and asked if I'd go back and have the tests done right now, because the doctor wanted them done as soon as possible. :confused: I am worried because she didn't give me ANY indication of what she thought it could be. I don't get the results back until next week, either.
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  • That is a clever doctor, so far. She won't know much at all until they have tested. It could be anything, from trivial to serious. With some viral / bacterial infections, the sooner they know the better. Treatment generally works but one has to start soon. Do keep contact info on paper with you for that doctor. Take it easy until next week. If you get worse, have someone contact the doctor and get you to hospital. And let us know what happens.The worry can make everything worse. It is physical shock as well, so you seriously need to get homeopathic Bach Rescue Remedy drops. Take it often, best while there are no other tastes in the mouth. Mix it with saliva before swallowing, as it is taken up via the mouth. Especially before trying to sleep, it is safe and works well enough. Another homeopathic brand you can trust is Dr A. Vogel - whatever they offer for tension and stress.
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  • I suppose knowing nothing is better than being told that it 'might' be something that is really serious, but it also 'might' just be a minor viral infection. Does 'worse' count that I've nearly fainted around 3 times today? I can't even get up slowly without getting a bad headrush. I think I'm just overeacting, though.
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  • Fact is, it might be serious (some viral / bacterial things are dead serious) so one has to be ready. "Worse" depends on how it compares with past days. Measure your temperature, see if you have fever. The headrush might be due to worry, but what if it is not?So, carry a mobile phone at all times, in case you can't get up at all. When in the bathroom, put the phone ready on the floor (don't step on it). Lie down soon enough, right there if needed, then you don't fall and injure yourself.Try not to fear knowing what the problem is next week. One is lucky if the tests reveal it clearly.Ask, what would you have done if you had to advise someone else with these symptoms? This sounds weird but, imagine that there are two of you - one self who is sick, and another one (occupying the same space) who has to look after the sick self.Yes there are angels, they care and they give all of us our turns with these convincing life lessons. "Love is the only safety" and nobody can perform our own parts for us. Your lesson now is to really love yourself - to see that you are not alone, because you will always have yourself.At night if the worry becomes too much, turn on all the lights in the room, sometimes it helps.Eat only healthy food and drink only water for now, as you may (may) be heading for potent medicine, and you should give your liver the best chance.Been there done that. So if it will help to know - I am sorry for you. I worry.
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  • Eat only healthy food and drink only water for now, as you may (may) be heading for potent medicine, and you should give your liver the best chance.:eek: ...Oh. Brilliant.
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  • Hi there.. I think you should have posted in the thread regarding bone conditions... In there, you can read more and more conditions about the bone.. You don't know, maybe someone experiences the same pain that you are experiencing, too.. :p
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  • Have you gotten the results of the blood tests back yet?
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