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Severe Pain in both legs - Front and outside of legs

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  • Posted By: ScooterMcGaven
  • March 16, 2009
  • 03:33 PM

Hello all,

My gf has been complaining of severe leg pain mostly at night and mostly when laying down. It occurs all day but is very bad at night and in the morning making her unable to sleep most nights. She recently has been having lower pulses then her normal range. She has Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) which causes her to have a rapid pulse while standing. Her new pulse is in the 55-70 range at rest which seems fine but is lower for her then normal. She is on misoprolol and low-ogestel 28 and recently is on lyrica. She has had joint pain for some time as well all over her body but the legs have now become the worse. She has had multiple blood works done with nothing out of the ordinary.

I do not believe it is a sciatic because there is no burning or numbess and it gets worse when laying down. It can't be sports injuries or anything related to that. She is 110lbs and 5'6. Used to be a cross country runner for many years but stopped about 3 years ago. Have tried all kinds of pain killers with no relief. She also has a benign tumor attached to her shoulder bone which throws off her shoulder blade and ribs. Makes it kinda flair out. I am just listing everything because I am out of ideas as is her doctor. :mad:

Any answers or any ways for relief would help us out greatly thanks for your time and sorry if i mispelled somethings.

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  • Just came across your post , hope you will see this. I have had the same problem that started about 2 years ago towards the end of a pregnancy. The pain never subsided after delivery and has only gotten worse over the years. I am pregnant again, 31 weeks, and the pain has increased, didn't think it could get any worse. It's excruciating at night and painful all day. I have seen many doctors and came to a waste basket diagnosis of fybromyalgia until recently. I was in the ER as my pain was so bad, no drugs were helping, I was having contractions. Once they got my contractions under control they addressed the pain, gave me dilaudid, which barely touched it but provided some relief, and sent me home with a little I information about possible RLS (restless leg syndrome). Of all the doctors and tests done nobody has mentioned it so I am researching and finding a new pain specialist, seeing a pain psychiatrist and taking medications that are not really helping. My current pain specialist just started me on Exalgo. I have been on lyrica, Zoloft, ambien and percocet for awhile now band nothing really seems to be helping. I hope the Exalgo works, only day 3, because I feel like I am being tortured. I just want to give you some ideas to start and let you guys know that your not alone. Most importantly my husband has started to show signs of stress because of everything I am going through and he remains by my side so please stick it out with her, very important right now. I was given a good suggestion to go to the local University Hospital as they are more willing to dig deeper and continue testing w/out just giving a bogus diagnosis. I have an appt. next week. I hope you find a solution and my thoughts are with you. Please post if you learn something.
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  • Sorry to hear about your gf.:(I had SEVERE PAIN:mad: and I was at the end of my rope. I got INSTANT RELIEF from LIVINGEFT dot COM. I had tried NUMEROUS DOCs to no avail. :mad: EFT is for EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE.It is amazing and my pain was GONE in one session! (ALL PAIN GONE, with NO meds!!!!!!) :)I hope this helps you! Try EFT. It Works!!Blessings, Health & Joy,Heartlady (aka Cheryl )
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  • I would suggest your girlfriend sees a physiotherapist or doctor for an opinion on the cause of her pain and appropriate treatment. I also would not necessarily rule out musculoskeletal causes of her pain based on her symptoms. In the mean time you may be interested in checking out the following links for detailed information on some of the potential musculoskeletal causes of the symptoms you describe including treatment: Referred Pain (Thigh)Lumbar Disc bulgeSciatica Hope that helps and good luck, PhysioAdvisorwww.PhysioAdvisor.com
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    • August 16, 2011
    • 01:28 AM
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