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Scary pain since I was 12

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 11, 2009
  • 00:31 AM

Now and then I get this amazing pain through my foot up my leg and I cannot walk for about half an hour. Pain is severe. Brings alot of tears. Sometimes I can feel it starting and then i just try not to move around. Like a stiffness. Sometimes my toe feels disjointed cause I cannot move it. It only happens now and then but I used to think it was growing pains or something. Now that I am 20 I thought I should look into this. :o Thanks for listening.

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  • The leg is a long thing ! Does the pain go all the way up the leg ?You should not be having such problems !AND you may be building more things to come later on ! (by not correcting the problem).I am no expert, but it sounds like a foot problem or spine problem."Toe disjointed" is an interesting comment. Next time it happens and a few times in between you need to feel it and how it sits in the joint, then you will know if it has "come out of joint" or is "stuck tight in the joint", which require totally different actions.If the toe has come out of joint, then most people can put it back themselves, just relax yourselve and really relax your foot and then simply pull the toe away from the joint and it will naturally want to go back in to the right place, so when you gently guide it back in, it will help you get it right. There is one problem, untill you have practiced a few times, because when you pull you automatically tense up, which defeats the object, do not worry, you can do it (practice makes perfect).The pain may be orientated to your shoes, the way you walk or many other things.Perhaps when you walk, you walk with your feet pointing to the sides (like most people), but when you look at the human body, it was never designed to do continuous walking with feet pointing to the side (they are meant to be pointing in the direction that you are going - which is easier said than done).If it is a spine problem, then if you use 2 pillows, try using 1 thin pillow or even a rolled up towel under the neck (or a combination of the towel and thin pillow).Also using something that will raise the knees in bed by 4 inches or more as this may also help your spine. The idea is that the knees are bent and also the hips are bent, this helps align the spine.There are a lot more tips like those I have mentioned, but you must now take it seriously as you do not want it to get worse over the next 60 years and I presume you would like it to get better :) Good luck and a long lifeTerry
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