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pin in arm n back

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 30, 2009
  • 04:57 PM

Im having imbalance in walking from the age of 14, now am 33, still walks by holding others hand, now legs muscles getting stiff, making walking uneasy, till date I dont find anyone who can help to cure me.
my spine is also bit curved at lower part, less sensation in fingers and below knee part.
and now as am working full day on computer, am having much pain in both arm muscle area, on shoulder and full back.
now this pain is not allowing to live, and dont understand how to solve all these !

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  • Hi, I am no proffessional, but from family, friends and Health & Saftey at Work I have distilled what you ahve said to.Im having :-1) severe imbalance in walking for 20 years2) legs muscles getting stiff3) my spine is also bit curved 4) less sensation in fingers and below knee part.5) working full day on computer, am having much Astonomers have eye problems, shot putters have shoulder problems, "ye olde archers" had problems and were physically disfigured, etc. you follow that pattern.Your spine will also take extra wear becasue of the leg problem.Your waist line will probably have increased over the last 5 to 8 years.When you get up in the morning, you push your stomache muscles out to enable you to get up, when in a vehicle, you push your stomache muscles out to support you through the corners. BUT you should be pulling the muscles IN ! Think about it and also all the other times that you keep pushing your stomache muscles out, when you should be pulling them in "to support your core".The computer work sounds a classic case of "posture problem", which relates to the above plus also people do not "sit up straight", they tend to "hunch over" which causes upper back problems and can pivot into the pelvis / lower spine.With computer work, there are recommendations about heights / distances for feet, hands, elbows, neck, head, etc. these are a good starting point, but from work experience, start with these "settings" then adapt them for your body (some people have long legs, other long arms, long necks, etc. which the rules do not take into account).Also there are recommendations about taking regualr small breaks, these are VERY important, not enough people do it. The good news is that; as with atheletes, the more you do properley, the better you become i.e. the more you sit with good posture, the better your body adjusts and can maintain the possition. Marathon runnners take months to build up and prepare for a marathon, they would not do it straight away because they know what sort of injuries they would receive.Also when standing, soldiers do something like "stomache in, chest out, shoulders back", which is all designed to generate a good posture for the body.Item 4 "less sensation in fingers and below knee part." is a "considered problem", so for now, since the above may remedy this problem and it is good practice anyway and will stand you in good stead for the next 40 years. I personaly would not worry for now and see what happens in 2 or 3 months time. As an addendum, sitting for extended times may cause slow blood flow in your legs, which can cause a variety of minor problems and also all the "new style hand work" (typing) may also be affecting your hands. With the regular breaks and good posture, you may find things return to normal.The one thing that I have not covered is the "walking imbalance", there are that many possiblities and also your body gets used to adapting so now you have to counter the problem plus your bodies automatic correction.Quite often there is a simple answer, make a point of trying to "not spend lots of money" because you will probably get answers quicker. As an example, you may simply need a shoe insert to correct your problem or possibly a shoe insert and a raiser (beacasue 1 leg is shorter than the other).You are the one who can feel and review all the possiblities.Also once you know the simple mechanics, if something "more invasive" is required, you should get better results because you can guide the proffesional better.Go for it ! No time like the present !Good luck, remember I am not an expert, but I have seen an awfull lot though time.Terry
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