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  • Posted By: midi19834
  • February 12, 2009
  • 06:01 AM

hi, i have pain in my lower abdominal, on the left side..... ive also been feeling very cold, and am having problems digesting food.. i lose my appetite easily. i feel nauseous some times... i do vomit if i eat much than just some small snacks.... joint pain, weakness and usually feel like passing out or fainting. constipation and diarrhea are also one of the symptoms.... i also have been coming down with a fever much with the chills. i dont get enough sleep either.....

im thinking it could be Diverticulitis or maybe something else. but im not sure.

what might be wrong with me or somethin?

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  • Hi, there are so many possibilities.Low body temperature is often associated with slow metabalism.You are possibly of medium to light weight for your size.In many people, if the abdonum is cold, then there digestion is considerably effected.Wearing a scarf around your all your abdunum may help with this problem and also the use of a hot water bottle or wheat bag (when you go out, you wear a coat if it is cold, it is the saem principle.). It may sound daft, but if you do it round the house, no one will know, and also have you ever seen people with their coat or jumper tied round their waste ? (becasue it is too hot and they do not want to hold it)Joint pain could be :- Lack of nutrition means not enough joint material is made to replace that which natrually deteriorates.Or lack of nutrition means poor chemical levels with in the body, thus chemicals are not being moved or are being produced in the wrong quantites (like cramp in muscles) which are the cause of the symptoms.Or ...... there are LOTS of possiblilities. My suggestion is to sort out the items you can first and then others may clear up by themselves or becasue you can "feel more" you can understand more.Weakness might be due to lack of the "correct foods", basically there are 2 aspects here, 1) if your digestion is not good, you will not be getting the right nutrition levels and 2) the type of food and the nutrition you are receiving QED - look at the nutritional items of your current food, then adjust it so that over a 24 hour period you would be getting a reasonable daily requirement fat (5g or more), vitamins, protien, minerals, etc. The aim is just to feed the body so that it can do it's job and if you want to do it in 7 or 8 snacks through the day, then there is no problem. e.g. 200cals x 8 = 1600cals (a bit low, but okay) or 300cals x 7 = 2100cals or 600cals + five 300cals = 2100cals. All you need to do is look at fat and etc levels.ALSO if you aim for foods that are low or medium GI (Glisolemic Index ?) you will probably find a LOT of benefit.Do you sometimes suffer hot flushes ? This can be food related (sugar highs, etc), adrenal related or "bodyclock" related.There is an 11am and 3pm dietry related peaks, but this relates to a waking time of 6:30am to 8am. So if you get up at 9am, this will probably change, also you are not properley sleeping, therefore this may also affect your system or body clock.Genrally speaking, most illness' are simple. You will have misleading symptoms because everyone reacts differently.You are "under the weather" + low metabolism + suffering illness (fever / chills) + dietary upset + more, therefore have a higher reaction (or lack of reation) to things. Thus your body is not working well and it is having to deal with ALL the problems and it can not work well because of all the problems (chicken and egg syndrome).You might have something severe (and there are plenty of bad things out there), but hopefully you have got a few small doses of what ever and becasue your body is "under the weather" it is making all the symptoms worse.So look logically at all your symptoms and look at how they intereact and if they are time dependant.With one person I know, who had a similar sort of range of problems, there cure was basically take it easy for a few months (being active, but no over exersion and looking after the body), enusred they had food as mentioned above and kept the room temperature around 22 degrees C or higher and inside 10 days there was some improvement, and over I think it was about 3 months life was almost back to normal.I am not saying that is going to be your cure, but it shows how some times simple can cure the complex.Work through the symptoms with method. Two examples or methods to use are 1) Growing a plant and 2) how would an proffesional athelete deal with the situation / recovery. The plant needs good conditions and ... otherwise it wilts and dies (even though it is not ill).Atheletes tend to take a mechanical or clinical system to things and this is why they are so successfull.So you may have a big problem, but equally, you may have small problems that are making a big problem.Please look after yourself and make sure you get the right treatment to get you better quicklyTerry
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