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Pain 13+ months

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  • Posted By: needanswers99
  • October 27, 2009
  • 09:01 PM

Sorry for the long post but it's been a very long year of problems!

I'm asking this question on the behalf on my husband who has the stomach problems - not sure if i'm in the right place or not as the doctors still haven't been able to diagnose what's wrong! Long story short - last October my husband and I were in Dubai for a holiday. He got very ill the last 2 days - vomiting very badly; diarreah; chills. Initially we thought he may have ate something that disagreed with him or the heat/humidity got to him. However we got back home and he was still feeling very horrible. Still vomiting and diarreah but not as badly. This lasted for a few more days before my nagging finally got to him and he went to go see a doctor! After the docs got his vomiting/diarreah settled down his pain just went to a dull pain on both sides just under his rib cage. It's just a dull pain which used to get much worse when he ate, but not anymore. He cannot drink alcohol however, if he has even just a few sips of any kind he will be very very ill for at least 3-4 days after.

Since last year he has had countless blood tests (counting the blood cells and for Hepatitis - all clear), endoscopy, colonoscopy, biopsies of his insides (not sure exactly where) - all come back clear. MRI scans and CT scans - all clear. They did however find lymph nodes in his stomach, but they were so small that they were classed as size insignificant. About 3 months after finding them they took another scan and they hadn't grown any so they were forgotten about. I guess many ppl have these in their stomach but they dont' do anything. It was just discovered he had a urinary tract infection but they think that is unrelated to his stomach problems and has been treated with antibiotics. The doc also thought he may have gotten a parasite from being in Dubai and was given treatment for Giardia...but that did nothing. He was checked for tapeworm which was also neg. He's also had a bone marrow test done which all came back clear as well.

Over the past year his been on constant pain killers for the dull pain - Amitriptyline way back in Dec/Jan of 2008/2009 which actually stopped the pain and the doc said he could have a few drinks while on this painkiller which he did....but maybe had a few too many as the pain returned in full force and hasn't left since! He's now on Tramadol taking about 2-3 pills a day - this worries me that he's been on these for so long as I know they are very strong painkillers. Our doctor sent us to go see an acupuncturist as they think perhaps his stomach muscles are to blame since they can't actually find anything wrong inside him. That seems to be helping a little bit, he's had 4 sessions so far, but it might be too early to tell if it will sort it out. They think that maybe b/c he was so violently ill that his stomach muscles were strained very badly during that time and are stuck in a contracted state.
He's also back taking a stronger dose of Amitriptyline along with the 2-3 pills of Tramadol everyday.

He hasn't slept properly for almost a year, even tho the painkillers are managing the pain alright, he's still not right. Alcohol is a definite no go area. He's going for a cystoscopy on Tuesday next week to see if there are any problems with his bladder due to his urinary tract infection - he's only 27 and I guess that's a bit young to get this infection.
We are at our wits end with this - no doctor seems to know what is going on and can't diagnose him. This is the first time i've ever seen him get ill, he's always so healthy!

If anyone has any ideas what could be wrong please let me know - we are willing to try anything right now! We just can't understand how he can be in so much pain yet they can't figure out what's wrong with him after the extensive investigating they have done.
Thanks everyone

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