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Chest(heart) pains for as long as i remember

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  • Posted By: icy_tank
  • January 28, 2007
  • 09:50 PM

hi, new here, i just wanted to see if anyone.. had an answer for my question... umm well basically, im a teen now, but ever since i was little, id have.. chest pains? like heart pains i mean and not like someones stabbing me but , i call it my heart acting up.. like mini heart attacks?, and basically what happens is...... i thought it only happened if i ran too much or somehting but its happened even when i went down stairs suddenly like jumped down stairs, got up quickly, turned around, etc and my heart just starts beating fast, like REALLY fast for a very long period of time. And one time after soccer when iwas younger my mom got freaked out cause my heart wouldnt slow down and when i woke up in the morningshe said it stopped a while ago.. meaning it was stil beating fast as i was sleeping. I never got to count my heart rate since i always lose track but today i 'tried' to cause this hasnt happened in a really long time so i thought.. maybe the 'problem' went away but.... the frst ime i did it, it was 139 beats per minute and secodn time after i sat in my chair or a long time, it was around 126 or so, no doubt about the fact that i lost count sometimes or counted too much or didnt count enough heart beats but it is around thjose numbers. And over ths weekend.. for te frist time, my heart didit.. "beat faster: but i had.. pains? liek i wasnt getting enough oxygen in my lungs or something.. it wa sjust hard to breather, it was discomforting. I wasnt exactly sure WHAT was wrong but io knew somethingw as wrong cause.. something didnt feel right and then this morning (started 2 nights ago), i went in to the backyrad to play with my dog butthen asi was going down the patio steps as i was chasin my dog all arund, i felt my heart act up and felt fizzy and stuff.. like usual, because obviously my heart is pumping more blood trhought my body lie i just ran a marathon and... its.. annoying cause i dont know whats wrong and if somethjing is wrong, ive had this problem on and off over my whole life as young as i remmber. Ive got blood checks when i was younger and heart cheks and stuff in 3 dif places and they all said eveyrhig was fine.. so i dunno if they're just stupid or soemthing cause obviosuly SOMETHIGN is wrong.. but yah.. they said eveyrhting was fine but at the time o the check up, it was times when my heart was normal and itw asnt acting up so may that was why.. but still.. has anyone had any experinces.. like this and got diagnosed with something? its scry.. it really is but i swear somethigns wrong just. no one.. can explain what exactly...

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  • you should get a holter monitor done you were this machine for 24 hours and records your heart while you do your daily routine i have always had chest pains to and heart palps and i have had several test they found me with tachycardia superventricular and sinus arrythmia they said nothing that would hurt me but there is meds they can put you on if needed i dont take any though good luck try this test also you can ask for a stress test thats were you run on a treadmill while they check the heart
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  • AHH im a teen tooand i have the same problemwell, my heart doesnt beat insanely fastbut i get the mini heart attack stabbing pains randomlyit really freaks me out:[
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  • i had stabbing pains in my chest since i was about 13 or so the doctor said it was plurasee i still have it sometimes i am now 31 and it cant be plurasee cuz you dont have it for that long. its not often that i have it now about maybe once a month or so so i dont know what it is but there is alot of heart problems in my family and i have a heart murmer since i was 10 because i had rheumatic fever. so if anyone knows also let me know thanks everyone :confused:
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  • Icy Tank: you need to find another doc, and get more tests done. Have you had ecg, stress test, or any other tests? Find someone who will refer you to a heart specialist. Please talk with your folks about this - it is not normal, and there may be a serious problem (hopefully not, but you should rule everything out). find someone who has a background in nutritional deficiencies, as certain ones can cause your symptoms. Most docs aren't trained in looking at this - a naturopath may be a better choice for this. Please don't ignore this - find a doctor who will listen to you and write down all of your symptoms so you can tell him/her exactly what is happening to you. Best wishesDOM
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  • You are obviously having heart palpitations, but have you visited you doctor, or told him/her about this problem? You also may want to see a cardiologist, and have a EKG and stress test done to see what is causing you irregular heart beat. There is also the possibility that this pain is caused by a problem with you pacemaker. Good Luck!
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