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28 years old with pain and weakness in my hands shoulders hips and knees

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 15, 2009
  • 11:35 PM

This has been mildly getting worse over the last month, its most noticeable when i wake up in the morning, I also have a pea sized hard lump on my inner arm located about three inches below my wrist, I Had a clinic tell me the lump was a cyst which would go away in time, i have had this lump over a year now and its not going away, I got a second opinion on the lump from a dermatologist and he told me it was a non cancerous neoplasm and nothing to be concerned about and something that people develop with age like a mole or a freckle...well, i noticed two more lumps very similar on the outside of my hips, one on each side...with all this joint pain, and weakness recently developing, im beginning to worry it could all be related, I have never been a very energetic person, but im noticing pain and weakness in my arms and legs and a feeling of wanting to just go to sleep just from daily activities, like carrying shopping bags, walking, ect. Should i go see a neurologist? Or be checked for MS or another spinal/nerve problem?? Or just save my money and assume its just part of getting older...

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  • Hi, your post was very good !You are thinking concisely and making sure.The comments made by the medical people are all valid and can be reasonably trusted.There comments about growths are quite correct.Also if you are run down then all growths will increase in size and or number.BUT we all make mistakes, and misdiagnosis' do happen.BUT I think you are probably in a satisfactory condition and do not need to worry that you currently have a major illness.When you are below normal in health matters, more things will always come.Stress will make things worse, so DO NOT WORRY ! be logical and methodic in all that you do !If I am correct, then illness' such as A.F., C.F.S., M.E., F.M., Lupus and many more have a similar illness route.Basically they are symptoms of the illness. So most probably you are not a sufferer, but it is a reasonable assumption from what I have seen, that if you not improve then you may end up with one of the illness'.A poor simily is - if you are a coal miner and cough regularly, it does not mean you have a chest disease (it is initiially a warning before the event).Also from other people, you need to be honest and logical about the following, if your neck is more sensative to draughts than other people (e.g. sometimes wear a scarf or high necked tops), then it appears to be an indication that "the illness has not set in" (i.e. a good sign). But if you are not more sensative than anyone else, then the question is meaning less.You will possibly have one additional slight thing to work out, if things have gradually come on over a year or more, then you can easily get used to many symptoms and not realise that they are there or how bad they are.If you quickly read the following web page, although it might make you worry, please do not, the recommendations are good sound healthy ones, which will not do you harm, they are sensible ones taylored for specific qualities (e.g. if you went on a "good wheat free diet", it would not harm you, it is just a taylored diet for specific qualities).Afte a while you can change some of the ideas and see what happens, so it will help you build up a picture of what is happening to your body.Work on a time scale of days to weeks for simple changes and improvements.An overal recovery will take many months, but the more that clears up and the better you will feel.The lumps will probably stay, but hopefully you will not get any more."Stress" is almost everything that you do ! Think for a moment, when you start to read, get up in the morning, eat, etc. your heart rate automatically increases, because there is a "stress on the system", BUT because your system health wise is "below normal" it can not work properley (a clapped out car engine can not go as well as a perfect one, but once reconditioned, it will go just fine again). Also if you are getting to would up by life, then this is just additional stress, so your body is working so much harder, when it below par in the first place (and the cycle repeats getting worse). So on mental stress use the 30 second rule, look logically at the options, decide the answer inside 30 seconds (not 45 seconds, you know how they often say first impressions are usually the best - and NO ONE gets it right all the time), and should it turn out wrong you say "I did the best with what I knew at the time", it is always easy to be wise after the event.I hope I have been of help, I will not be back for a few weeks, due to the "Joys of life" - those are the polite words :-)I wish you good health and happinessTerry
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