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Really bad flatulence problem- HELP!!

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  • Posted By: anon123
  • November 2, 2008
  • 02:59 AM

This is my first post so apologies if I have not done or read something properly- I thought I had done!

I really need some help! I have a huge flatulence problem. I am so embarrassed by it- I can't begin to describe just how bad it smells - and do not seem to be able to prvent it.

I have tried so many things, eliminating food from my diet (I now do not eat starchy carbohydrates, broccoli, cauliflour, oranges, beans and pulses, strawberries- any berries, tomatos.... only drink skimmed milk in my tea) I also drink my recommended glasses of water every day. I eat a very limited diet to put it mildly. Same thing day in day out.
I also do not chew chewinggum/bubble gum whatever. None at all.
I have tried taking those bacteria drinks (probiotics I think they are called) but they actually made things worse and after taking them for 2 weeks I actually ended up in accident and emergnecy as I have sevear stomach pains. I was advised not to take them again after they did a blood test.
I have tried the gas/bloating relief tablets such as deflatine, windese...etc which actually did nothing what so ever. Even after I upped the dose to double what was advised.

I excercise well, eat very healthily (I used to have anorexia, I am now a very healthy weight (bmi24, I wish I didn't weigh that much but in the past year my weight just seems to have sky rocketed for no real reason) and still avoid eating fat, processed foods, sugar and meat (except for fish) as a result of my past eating disorder. Everything I cook is steamed. I also cannot see what else I am eating or drinking that could be making me have such a problem.

I saw my GP. I saw her as I also have alot of bloating. I was too embarrassed to mention the flatulence. Even the GP thought I was pregnent. :eek: (very heart breaking for someone who has a history of anorexia and yes I do get this alot. Never get used to it though). I had an x-ray which showed my bowels were clear /no cysts or tumors and the doctor said it must be IBS.

I don't think its IBS. I have tried all the IBS suggestions I can find: mint oils, buscopan, peppermint tea (yuck!) and still the problem persists.

Alongside the bloating it is making my life ***l and I don't know where else to turn. I don't think its worth me going back to see my GP as they have decided its IBS (2 different doctors) on the basis that its nothing else that shows up on an x-ray so it must be IBS. Yet even IBS suggestions do nothing for me.

Can anyone help?

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  • You seem to have tried everything I have tried! My doctor seems to think that my flatulence is down to stress. Luckily I don't get the issue of bloating but still, the flatulence alone is awful. I have some flatulence filtering underwear that at least get rid of the smell. There's plenty of them on the market but I went for some called Shreddies which work perfectly. Good luck! I hope you find something that works for you!
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    • February 16, 2009
    • 09:30 AM
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  • I have similar problems and discovered I had food allergies that had been destroying my small and large intestines for years. (I took a special blood test for this) It sounds like you have a few problems I have. 1. Leaky gut: where bacteria and yeast/fungus is entering the blood stream. 2. You are not digesting fats/sugars which you probably already know because you are cutting out all those foods. Are your stools oily, fatty and loose, often light brown? I suggest you go on a strict candida (look it up on the internet. You are already cutting out most of the foods for this). Probiotics are important but if they upset you then stop. Try the New Roots capsules that are en-centric coated. They avoid the stomach acid and head straight for the intestines. You need to heal the intestinal lining so find a capsule, again en-centric coasted, of L-Glutamine for the small intestine. I also take something called Buytric Cal Mag-it heals the large intestines. Start taking digestive enzymes (two capsules) with every meal. New Roots is the best brand.Lastly, and this works the best for me. Chew every bite of food 20-40 times. I know this sounds unrealistic, and sometimes it is, but try your best.I also do an easy colon cleanse once a month. I use oxy-powder. I did it for 7 days, lost the bloating and some weight and was basically free of smelly gas for 3 weeks after. I just started taking one of these capsules twice a week. Hope this helps.
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    • August 16, 2009
    • 11:57 PM
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  • I have the same problem and when I have been to doctors they say nothing is wrong me. I think I have narrowed it down to my digestive system. I just had oral surgery a week ago and I can't eat hard foods. So eating yogurt and soup has been it for me and I have noticed no gas until yesterday when I had some ground beef and mashed potatoes. I am a decent looking well built guy- when I walk in a room I get attention. When I am close to the ladies after a little while they excuse themselves from me and I know I am passing gas. I don't even know sometimes that I am passing gas but the reaction I get lets me know. This has been going on now for about 4 years and it affecting my work and my confidence. Drinking wine makes it even worse. Please try going on soup and very soft foods for 4 days and see if you see any change.
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    • September 29, 2010
    • 05:14 PM
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  • I would suggest you have a test for Coeliac Disease ( Gluten allergy ) as it sounds like you have the same symptoms I used to have... Hope this helps
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