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Please Help! I need a Dr. House no one can diagnosis my involuntary movements

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  • Posted By: Restingonacloud
  • February 1, 2014
  • 10:10 PM

I will try to give as much detailed information as possible. So frist off I have a mental disability the diagnosis are C-PTSD, ADD, and scisoeffective disorder. I also have Tardive dyskinesia a side effect from taking my anti phycotic.

So the medications I take are as follow:
spharis (anti phycotic),Vyvanse (for ADD),Klonopin(for tardive dyskinesia),lamictal (moodstabilizer),cymbalta (depression), flexeril (for anexity),Catapres (the only thing the clams my involuntary movements), Linzess (bowel issues), loratab (recovering from abdominal surgery), dextroamphetamine (extra boost to keep my ADD controled).
Side notes: anexity medications enrage me, stimulants slow my thoughts and work magic to bring me out of CPTSD triggers and episodes. The reason I take klonopin is because it chemically bonds like Parkinsons medication. Parkinson medication give me cognitive and memory issues beyound my ability to function on my own, so instead of taking a Parkinson pill my doctor found klonopin to work for my Tardive dyskinesia.ok so now on to my involuntary movements. They started after my last child birth and in which I got my tubes tied in July 2012. September 2012 I had my frist episode of a prolonged movement. The frist was the in ability to stop making tick toc clicks with my mouth, it lasted 5 hours. Two days later my right arm could not stop from swinging and waving around, lasted 5 hours. After that I had no movements until May 2013. The frist day it started in my right arm, lasted 5 hours.the next day left arm,5 hours.3rd day my right leg..5 hours. 4th day lef5 leg..5 hours. And from then on everyday I would have one or many exsremidies involuntary moving on average 5 hours. June 2013 I visited the ER to find out a tennis ball cyst exploded causing me to lose 1/3 of blood internally. They gave me the exceeded amount of pain meds possible, switch types etc and I still could not control from knobing my head. After surgry I did not have a single movement again until October 2013 when another cyst grew, side note the larger the cyst grew my movements turned into look a like Grammal seizures, I maintained consciousness. Again after surgry never had movements again. December 2013 movements came back until I got a sharp pain from a cyst poping and went away. Earlier this January 2014 I got a horrible bladder infection that took two different antibiotics to kick. In the meantime of the infection I became completely disabled by my movements. Unable to walk, I hunched my back to the left, any extra noise or simulation triggered movement attacks to the floor like a seizure. For over a week and half I could not get out of bed on my own. The infection went away about a week ago. However the movements did not completely go away ...however I can walk now even though my hips, knees, and ankles buckle. About 20 to 30 minutes of exposure to an inviroment that has multiple things going on in many directions triggers movenment attacks to the floor. Right now I can feel a large cyst on my left ovary.
THis is a list of things doctors have tried to diagnose my movements:decress stimulants medication...they got worsre, showed no difference of any sort. I've had a MRI, EEG, all the blood work. I've been under a Physicists, Therapist, Neurologist, Primary physician, and my OBGYN team of care. I am being sent to see a movement disorder specialist in just a few days.
Ok so things I know about my movements:
-If I have them anexity makes them worse, more aggressive
-each time I have had an episode of movements have been linked to my ovulation period, and only have persisted after ovulation if I am growing a cyst.
-classical music clams them
-flight or flight adrenaline rage to fight or adrenaline drive to protect myself self will stop the movements instantly. ..until the adrenaline is gone they come back as same.
-caterpres is the only thing that seems to help at all, and right now my movements are so bad I can not take enough caterpes in a day to keep them at bay.
-nightmares have triggered them
-uncomfortable surroundings have triggered them
-they only get triggered if I am ovulating or am growing a cyst, because once the the cyst is removed the things that triggered movements no longer trigger them.
*one theory is my CPTSD subconsciously having outburst in a way to finnally allow for my body to recover, and during my ovulating and period my body is thinking about its femininity. .thrus the time I am triggered.

Ok...so there you have it. I do hope a Dr. HOUSE may come across this. I feel like I need to be seen by Dr. HOUSE. HAHAHAAAA.

OK, thanks for those that take the time to read and give it some thought.

Sincerely, Felicity
February 1st 2014

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