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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 27, 2006
  • 05:28 AM

Hello possible reader,

I have diffculty arranging myself with gratitude and acceptance around the margin of medical fallibilty tolerated by various medical providers with whom I have had contact since the early 1990's. I sometimes wonder if their margin of tolerance for medical fallibility would alter if what I have experienced had happened to them, their spouse, their child, their mother, their father, or a practice partner or partners. The following may be regarded as a rant, a rave, whining, mewling or an exercise in self-pity. Feel free to characterize and editorialize as your knowledge and experience dictates.

I have been prescribed medications to which I had adverse reactions and in some cases, serious interactions with medications already routinely on board.

I have presented with a set of sx's to multiple physicians, for 4 years, and was not diagnosed or treated. When diagnosed I was prescribed a medication appropriate for the condition but at 500mg po qd rather than the conventional dose of 3 grams over the course of a 24 hours. Fairly substantial amounts of other meds administered IV are used to treat this condition.

I have been treated with liquid nitrogen and have very deep facial indentations where skin structures were burned and facial moles spontaneously fell off my face.

I underwent a surgical procedure while on a routine med which should have been d/c'd 2 weeks prior to the procedure. Consequently, I bled excessively and was given so much medication to stop the bleeding I had a hypertensive episode post-operatively. I also had a significant hair loss - hair loss is not unusual after general anesthesia, but this was a fairly remarkable change in the amount of hair on my head. My hunch is that the 12 doses of medication given to stop blood loss may have played a part in it .

I was prescribed a medication despite it being related to one to which I have an adverse or allergic reaction. I told the physician I couldn't take the one medication and didn't know if I should take one of its relatives. The physician said that since I had not taken the exact medication being considered it was worth trying. I had a reaction which has left me with a permanent injury requiring behavior changes and medications for the rest of my life. I then researched the medication and found that 30% of the population taking that medication has an adverse reaction to it, though not necessarily as serious as what I experienced. There is a procedure currently available that could repair some of the damage and perhaps considerably reduce the need for the medication I have had to take as a result - but I'm not an insured person any longer. And, I am not sure I would want to be a surgical patient again.

I had a flu shot and pneumonia shot one year as suggested by an allergist/immunologist. The following year I was getting a flu shot at a family medicine office and I reported I had had so many fewer respiratory problems after the pneumonia shot that I wondered if I should get another since I was at the office. I was unaware that pneumonia immunizations are not repeated yearly - at that time the recommended interval between pneumonia shots was 6 years. Apparently the person giving the shots didn't know that or didn't believe I'd had the shot the previous year. I was given another pneumonia shot that day. I had a quarter-size raised red lump, a silver dollar size raised, less red lump surrounding the inner lump, and a 3 inch by 6 inch rectangular. well-defined inflamed horizontal stripe on my arm. I called the office the next day and described the event. I was told, by someone who put me on hold for awhile and then came back laughing (probably not about this topic but it was unfortunate timing as I felt I was being ridiculed at that time. That feeling was intensified by the voice tone telling me, "The doctor would sure like to see that!" I said I could come right in. I was told I could not be seen for at least three days - they would try to fit me in. So I outlined the area in ink - I wish I'd taken a picture. When I saw the doc three days later the ink line and the areas of inflammation were still identical. The doc told me there would be no residual long-term consequence. However, over 8 years later I still have an easily palpable indentation where the inflammation essentially killed tissue.

I have to stop now. I feel so tired and powerless over these events. And this is just the intro.

Anybody else out there?


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