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I would like some peoples opinions on how I am feeling.

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  • Posted By: ravenwhite
  • April 24, 2012
  • 10:24 PM

I feel constantly sick. Or just down right feel bad. I'm getting to the point where I'm wanting to cry every day due to it because its really disturbing.

These are my symptoms
Headaches on occasion. When I have them they are a dull achy type.

Back pain. Sometimes its low sometimes its up to my neck and sometimes its all over. I also can't bend over for long amounts of time because it starts to hurt and it gets stiff.

Nausea, Diarrhea, Always hot rarely cold, usually don't ever run a fever when I'm hot, if its not diarrhea its constipation most the time. I almost NEVER have a normal bowl movement like most people. I'm always tired also. I also have this problem with my hands... Everytime they touch anything cold they start shooting pains. I also have a shoulder that hurts me a lot. I can't lay on it for long periods of time or put large amounts of pressure on it. Sometimes there's a "electric shock" that goes through it. It hits so sudden and it is painful.

I have a healthy diet. I do not eat a bunch of junk food. My diet consists of veggies, fruit, rice, noodles. I don't hardly eat much meat but when I do its mainly red. But like I said, I only eat it like once a month.

I'm on ADD medication (Bupropion) but I've felt like this for years and just started taking it. I'm also on a antacid (ranitidine) but I also just recently started on that due to a ulcer and acid reflux. I've been on birth control now for about 3 years due to painful periods. Not sex. I'm still a virgin okay.

I have went to a arthritis doctor about my body aches and pains... She told me I was to "young" to have any form of it.(I'm 17 turning 18 in july)

My therapist got a bit worried last time I went to him because he said that I shouldn't have a ulcer my age. The reason I go to him is due to my ADD/family issues/ severe anxiety (I can't even go get my permit cause last two times I went I had panic attacks. I can't get a job either. My mom brought me home a application that I wanted and I read it and tried to fill it out but I started shaking and crying...)

This is literally ruining my life and my life is just starting... I've had blood test for everything... vitamin D was low twice but now thats fixed. My B-12 is fine. I don't have anemia. no diabetes. I reckon all my levels are fine... My skin is great. I have thick hair. My hair doesn't fall out in large amounts. My body doesn't have any abnormal things on the outside of it...

It might all be in my head due to the ADD and anxiety with maybe a hint of depression and I guess it could be due to all the freaking drama in my life at the moment due to my family... But its been 5 years... Maybe more... And I just feel like somethings wrong with me...

I keep thinking maybe I need to go gluten free? I don't drink anything with caffeine unless its the random sweet tea which I don't have much of. Other than that its one gingerale a day or a week. Sometimes its just down right water every day. I drink spring water so I know its not our local water making me sick.

Not only that, I've noticed my bones sometimes they hurt if you push on them... I'm pretty sure that's not normal.

If anyone can tell me anything that might help I would highly appreciate it. Thank you for reading this ridiculously long post. :) I appreciate it.

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