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Hi there...

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  • Posted By: DjLala
  • April 22, 2009
  • 06:17 AM

Hi! I am DJ Lala... (I am not a real ) I am a newbie here and I want to meet more friends as I learn new informations here about different conditions..

--I am wondering if someone here experiences my condition, too.. Sometimes, I am just ok.. I'm feeling really fine.! All of a sudden, my head aches so much that I'm feeling so weak and I just have to sit and rest til it's gone.. Any comments or suggestions?!


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  • See your doctor? The only thing that comes to my mind is blood sugar, does this happen when you have gone a long time without eating? If you are skipping meals or eating late, get something in your belly and see if that doesn't help. You mention that you sit awhile and the headache leaves and you are just fine ... so I suspect you are not missing meals; can't hurt to try it, and get checked out.
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  • Thanks neurotransmissing.. But I can feel my headache even though I didn't skip any meal.. Oh sure, I love sweets so much.. And I think we are family of diabetics.. I hope you can share some more.. Thanks! :o
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  • Oh, I almost forgot.. When I was young (12y.o.) i am confined because of ulcer.. But, does it have something to do with my headache?!
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  • Well ... "ah hem" ... :cool: you say that you are not taking care of yourself as you should, knowing you have some things in your medical history, correct? Take care of yourself, I assure you ... the statement that "at least you have your health" is .... BY FAR ... not LEAST at all! As long as you have your health, even if you lose everything, look at it this way .... there's nowhere else to go but up, things will always get better. Without good health though, it is very difficult (and in some cases, impossible) to do anything about anything in your life. Health is not minor, it is most important; if you have your health, your life can always get better ... no matter what circumstance you may find yourself in. As far as the diabetic history in your family, I really don't know if that could cause the problems you describe; but obviously, that is a blood sugar issue so I wouldn't eliminate it as a possibility ... although I wouldn't assume or fear diabetes either. As for the ulcer, sorry ... I am not familiar with ulcers and don't know how, or if, they could be a contributing factor to what you describe. So in closing, I think you may want to consider getting a complete physical examination and supply your entire medical history, be thoroughly honest ... yep, even the embarrassing things. (We all have them.) Do that, tell all, the doc should know what to do to put your mind at rest. Best of luck to you, I wish I could help you more ... I really just don't know of anything more I can offer. :confused: Keep asking around, and get checked out ... there's no such thing as a stupid question ... the only stupid question is the one you don't ask, hopefully you will find the answers you seek; I pray that you do. Take care of you. :rolleyes:
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