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buffalo hump

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 5, 2007
  • 03:06 AM

i have read almost everything on the web and cannot find explaination of what buffalo hump is. i a female, no steroids, hiv or anything that would relate to this. i have a knot at the base of my neck that is very sore and i just noticed it a few weeks ago. have a history of arthritis in my family and don't want my family doctor to think me crazy, but have searched everywhere for cause and cure. have read about lipodystrophy. this is very embarrasing to me, i am not morbidly obese, but have lost 31 of 80 pounds. please let me know if others have had this problem and solutions. bless you

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  • Buffalo hump is tied into Cushing's. I don't think its a knot, but more a fatty area in the upper back. I also do not think that it is painful.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • September 8, 2007
    • 04:17 PM
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  • I don't think this is Cushings. I have Cushings and the buffalo hump and it's not painful it's just there. You need to get this checked out. It's not embarrasing so just go see your doctor. You also don't lose weight with Cushings you gain it and your cortisol would be raised. Are you on any other meds that might be causing this??? go see your doc maybe you just need antibiotics to get the inflamation down
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • September 15, 2007
    • 06:16 PM
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  • Thanks so much for the info. I went to the dr. last Thurs. and have an appointment on Wed. for a bone scan and x-ray. She seems to think it could be the beginning of arthritis, also said that stress could cause this. If that's the case, I should have one bigger than my head! Thanks so much for your kindness and I will post when I get results. Thank you!
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • September 18, 2007
    • 02:21 AM
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  • I am a female who also has the same "hump" located at the base of my neck right between my shoulders as you describe. It is also extremely painful at times. However, it did not become visible until I became overweight at age 27. It is very embarrassing to me. I always wear my hair long and I stick to shirts with a collar or hood. What's a little different about my situation is that I have had this problem since childhood. At 11 years old an abnormality was discovered on my neck/upper back during a routine screening for scoliosis at school. I was referred to a chiropractor and my mom was told that I had a curved spine. He said there was no way to treat this and that improvements in my posture along with sleeping on a stiff mattress would eventually fix the problem as I got older. Of course the very small bump at the time did not "fix" itself and by the time I turned 21 it began to become painful. I visited two chiropractors as a young adult and was told that I only had swelling and to use hot and cold compresses for pain. I can not tell you how many massaging devises and pain creams/pads ect. I have invested in over the years. As I got older I began to just accept the chronic pain as a part of my life. If I would sit or stand too long it would hurt. If I did strenuous activities or was under stress, it would hurt. I had never had anyone contradict the "scoliosis, curved spine" theory until I visited a spine specialist at age 29. By then the hump on my back had grown considerably and was very noticeable and at times was painful to the touch. The doctor did all types of x-rays and tests that day. He showed me the x-rays of my spine and to my surprise there was no curve. He also explained that the hump was not the result of swelling, but was actually fat accumulation. I notice his facial expression change as he explained this. He was very concerned, and referred me immediately to an Endocrinologist and handed me a card with the words "Cushings" on it. All my life I thought the hard lump on my back was my spine protruding or curving. I had never heard of Cushing’s so I started doing some research and I also visited the Endocrinologist. Now at age 32 I routinely visit my Endocrinologist. It was discovered that I do not have Cushing’s, but I do have a large thyroid nodule in my throat (to which I have a had a needle biopsy and is non-cancerous), pre-diabetes with insulin resistance (to which I am taking Metphormin 2000 mg/day, and obesity (to which I was recently prescribed Adipex for weight loss). I have also become very active and just started strength/resistance training. No reference however had been made to the pronounced hump on my back. I have showed it to a number of doctors and they all say that it is just the way my body is shaped. They show no concern towards it at all and say that it should go back to being unnoticeable once I am back to normal weight, which is frustrating for me because I know that weight loss will not do anything for the pain. I have searched the internet for at least a year, reading articles, forums, case studies ect. and the main information I see about this type of hump is related to Cushing’s syndrome or to patients taking HIV a medication. I have also seen some info on the Dowager’s syndrome and Kyphosis. I have none of these !!!!!! Sorry for writing a chapter, but I wanted to be very specific so maybe someone might be able to give me some suggestions or good advice. For now, I am just living with the pain and embarrassment. Maybe someday I'll get lucky and find a doc that can make some since of this "mystery hump" once and for all.
    scarrie 1 Replies
    • December 27, 2007
    • 05:02 PM
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  • I too have has this same problem since i was about 10. it also is very painful at times. I have been to many drs and they said it was a "fat pack" on my back. I had an xray done one time when it was hurting and it showed my neck did not have a curve in it. the dr said it was a muscle spasm causing the pain. but neversaid what caused the spasm. I would love to know if you find and answer for this please feel free to email me at catcgb@yahoo.com.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 11, 2008
    • 02:08 AM
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  • You might have an Upper Thoracic Hump (a.k.a. The Hump Pattern). I have the same problems, had an x-ray done, found out that my spine is in good shape. Its a collection of fatty tissue, not just swelling/inflammation as many think. A chiropractor can help out.
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