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Young Adult with Semi-Involuntary Tics in Back/Neck

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  • Posted By: deadlysauce
  • September 6, 2008
  • 07:32 PM

I am 20 years old, female, with no major medical issues. I have a history of anxiety and depression, but it's been under control without use of medication. I get migraines once a month or so, and infrequent tension headaches. Otherwise, I'm healthy.

Okay, starting at the beginning. 9 months ago, I was lying in bed (I sleep on my side) and my lower back twitched very fast and very strong. It was like my butt was trying to get to my head. It happened maybe half a dozen times, spread out over a few minutes, but only a single jerking movement. I figured I was just tired or something, and I had spent the day slouched in a chair playing video games, so I thought maybe I just stressed my lower back. But the twitching hasn't gone away. Over the next month the twitching continued every time I was in bed, but only lying down.

2-3 months of this, which was weird but didn't bother me much, and then I started getting the twitch frequently at night (at least 20 times before finally falling asleep) but it has not happened WHILE I was asleep to the best of my knowledge (e.g. it has never woken me up.) Then it started happening if I sat a little slouched. Not frequently. Maybe 2 or 3 times during the day.

At this point I was sleeping at least 8 hours a night, not really physically exerting myself much, but maybe going to the gym to run on the treadmill for 20 minutes once a week. I began getting twitches in the side/back of my neck and rarely in my face (the large muscles, making me squeeze my eyes shut or purse my lips.)

June (6 months after initial twitching) I started working 35+ hours a week. I noticed within a week of working I was twitching much more frequently. At night the jerking became almost violent, involving my thighs and neck, and the frequency increased.

This is when I started getting worried. All summer I would be standing or sitting and if I stopped moving for just a moment, a twitch could occur. I became self-conscious, because it looks like tics...my neck could pull and my head will tilt or twist quickly.

Now, 9 months after the initial onset of this symptom, I have moderate twitching throughout the day, from waking until trying to sleep at night. I can stop them by movement somewhere else in my body. Like if I speak or tap my finger or shake my foot or something. Though when I lie down and my back goes bonkers, even talking may not break the twitch. I have found that my back twitches at the end of an exhale (weird, right?) when I try to just remain still lying down.

Tics of the lower back, neck, and face; the movements are isolated to one muscle group, it seems, and the jerky twitch happens one a time, without any "fluttering" like can happen in an eyelid when you get tired; the tics sometimes are preceded with a slightly uncomfortable sensation so I can hold it in or let it happen, but sometimes it catches me off-guard

The tics seem only to be worse when I'm really tired, but that's really just my ability to hold them back is weakened. I have no history of seizures or neurological disorders. I am on no medications, try to take a multivitamin and eat B12 fortified foods, and have no family history of seizures. My aunt has MS, and my mom and other aunt have Fibromyalgia. I took Lexapro (low dose) for 9 months in 2006 with very few side effects and no lingering effects otherwise.

I DO NOT HAVE OTHER SYMPTOMS. I have no weakness or numbness or coordination changes. So I don't know whether this is some really random but benign problem, or a neurological issue that should be checked out.


Cross posting this to skeletomuscular disorders.

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