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Winged Scapula

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  • Posted By: karungguni
  • April 5, 2013
  • 09:50 PM

Diagnosed with a permanent winged scapula on my right side in 2008. No pain but can only raise my right arm to slightly less than 90 degrees straight in front of my body and minimal support of weight over my head on the right side. Discomfort when standing for long periods of time or sitting in a straight back chair. Surgery was not recommended given the disadvantages of each surgical procedure and that I was not in pain. Was not aware of nerve replacement surgeries. Am 48 years old.

Salient Facts:

from 1975 to 1978, undiagnosed Lyme Disease, elbow locked in place twice, knees drained of fluid twice, symptoms stopped when given antibiotics for another condition.

In 1986, 22 years old, injured rhomboid muscles on right side using Nautilus back machine and the beginning of lifelong trigger issues on both sides of my back.

1986 to 1993, continued problems with shoulder, upper back and neck stiffness and strains, off and on weight lifting and cycling. Saw numerous orthopedic and sports medicine specialists to no avail.

1993, received a cortisone shot in my right shoulder in Budapest, Hungary, 30 minutes later had a reaction of burning pain and dizziness. Was told the symptons were not consistent with a reaction to the shot.

1999, MRI by Orthopedic Surgeon found cyst in right shoulder/upper back and operation to remove (twice). The surgeon has since died and his records were destroyed.

2000 to 2007, Heavy Weightlifting, Cycling and Triathlon, periods of upper back soreness and stiffness, trigger points in rhomboid muscles on one or both side. Difficulty in pull ups and instability in push ups.

2008, after laying in bed with a bad cold for two day began to get pains in my left shoulder and then could not sustain weight with my left arm. MRI showed collapse of C5, C6 and narrowing of the spinal canal. The physical therapist discovered the winged scapula on my right side. Diagnosed confirmed by second neurologist based on presentation, he did not want to perform an EMG as the nerve runs close to the lung. The neurologist said that branch nerves are less likely to regenerate. There was so much focus on getting the radial nerve in my left arm working that not a lot of thought was given to the right long thoracic.

Decided to revisit the situation and from everything I read a permanent wing scapula seems rare. Should the neurologist have checked for impingement at the brachial plexus? Is there total paralysis of the serratus anterior muscle? How successful are nerve replacement surgeries?

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