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what is wrong with me??

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 21, 2007
  • 02:36 AM

I see everyone's threads and it sounds like my story over and over again and then some symptoms I don't see at all...

My symptoms/diagnosis includes

Spots in Eyes (both of which were diagnosed with dehydration)

Sharp Abdominal Pain in middle of abdomen
Intense pain on sides of body (all of these were diagnosed as IBS)
Pain in upper right Back

Sore Throat
Burning Sensation in Sternum (these symptoms were diagnosed as GERD)
Loss of Voice

Sleepiness during day after full night sleep
Snoring (these symptoms were diagnosed as Narcolepsy)
Inability to wake myself up in the morning

Chronic sometimes severe Headaches- (Diagnosed as severe sinus disease that can not be treated no antibiotic will touch it doctor says only option is surgery or deal with it. also have a sinus cyst in my maxillary sinus)

Absences of period (Ovarian Cyst Resolved)

Sores in corner of mouth (Vitamin B12 Deficiency & Folic Acid Deficiency however after taking pills and shots as of today my labs were normal)

then the "unexplained" symptoms that I have nearly on a daily basis

Pitting Edema in Both legs with no improvement upon rest
Legs/Arms Falling asleep in short periods
Muscle spasm in extremities for short periods
Eyelid muscle spasm
Occasional electric current feeling in finger tips
Frequent sometimes severe lower back pain (chronic)
Morning muscle stiffness
Perception of Depth issues (walking into walls constantly)
Falls due to Depth perception issue, Loss of balance bad coordination, Leg's falling Asleep and feet dragging even when emphasis placed on walking properly to prevent fall or injury
Burning Sensation in neck down to Right Shoulder
Knee popping when rising out of seat or kneeling down
Constant Boils
Racing heart feeling
Tachycardia noted on Sleep study and on halter monitor
Shortness of breath upon rest or exercise
Low 02 Sats during sleep study not repeated during day checks
Shortness of breath upon rest or exercise
Severe fatigue
tingling sensation in my neck
Head feels so heavy feels like my neck can't hold my head up

I've had numerous GI tests the only thing they found was I had gallstones but was told I was asymptomatic and would not ever have any problems from it. (I was concerned cause both my parents had gall bladder attacks)

I've had a cardiologist check my heart it was in fine condition but both my sleep study and a 24 hour halter monitor showed events of tachycardia

A Pulmonologist did a PFT and my lungs scored higher then a non-smoker

I got an MRI done last summer they found some lesions on my brain but did nothing about that and then I had another MRI done about a month ago and again had lesions they did not compare the first MRI to this one but they said it wasn't of concern but wanted to get another MRI in six months.

Multiple blood tests the only thing they found was a vitamin B12 deficiency and folic acid deficiency they put me on folic acid pills and gave me vitamin B12 shots and now it's all normal labs

My doctor was absolutely sure it was vitamin deficiency causing all my problems yet now that my labs are normal and my symptoms haven't gone anywhere I wonder what now???

I'm seriously about ready to just give up and say okay I got something have no clue what will just have to learn to deal with it cause I'm just tired of tests that cost money and tell me nothing :(

anyone have any clue????

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  • *sigh* no one has any clues :( Just to update my right leg has began to have throbbing pains at times and I found out over the first weekend of this month while talking to my dad that he has the exact symptoms I have which I found peculiar.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • September 11, 2007
    • 02:48 AM
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  • Check out 'Labrynthritis' or 'Vestibular Neuritis'. And maybe you have some other problem - it is possible to have one or more ailments at the same time and that can make diagnoses more difficult.Good luck and best wishes for a diagnoses and solution.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • September 13, 2007
    • 01:01 PM
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  • Check out Lyme disease.
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