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Weird sensation in head - on going

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  • Posted By: tinyscout
  • February 25, 2008
  • 07:09 PM

Hello everyone,

I want to thank you in advance for any advice you may have. Let me pre-empt this by saying I do not have anxiety issues nor have I ever had. I did, however, have a stroke in 2002. I am now 37 years old, otherwise healthy. I could probably stand to lose about 15 pounds, but am not over-weight. Side effects from the stroke: Deafness in left ear, numbness on right side, slight vertigo.

My recent issue: Late December 2007 I started having this weird sensation in my head - the best way I can describe it is to say that I feel like my brain is vibrating. It comes in waves - about every 30 seconds to a minute or more, and lasts anywhere from 5 seconds to a minute each time. My head is not actually moving though - although on 3 occassions my head has started to tremor back and forth like I was freezeing cold (but I wasn't). After several days of this weirdness, I have gotten horrid headaches that do not go away.

I went to the ER on Dec. 31st out of fear for my previous incident. They did a CT scan and some blood work (I have no idea what blood work), both were fine. They drugged me up for pain and sent me home. After sleeping it off the headache and sensation came back. I followed up with by Neurologist a day later and he gave me Tizanidine, which just makes me stare into space. He then gave me Depakote, which did nothing so back to the Tizanidine. He has requested no further tests and the meds are not doing anything but making me zone out all day long (something I do not need any help with).

So this is the short list of recent issues that are really starting to upset me:
waves of the weird sensation in my head only
my husband says that I started snoring so loudly / not sleeping through the night around the time this started.
Crazy bad headaches with no relief from medication
Feel like I cannot possibly stay awake through a work day.

Any ideas? My Neurologist seems to have no answers. Thanks so much everyone!

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  • I had a lot of headaches and fatigue and was eventually diagnosed (8 years, and 8 neurologists later- ouch!) with something called Hashimoto's Encephalopathy. It's a rare complication of autoimmune thyroiditis and the whole time I was told my thyroid was okay because my thyroid hormone levels were okay.HE is diagnosed by elevated thyroid antibodies. After I got diagnosed, i found out that my gland was full of nodules on ultrasound.Not sure if this will help, but it may be worth looking into now instead of 8 years from now.Whatever you do, DO NOT let them blow this off as anxiety/depression. They LOVE to do that when they can't figure it out. I was fed Paxils like they were TicTacs! Ouch!Best Wishes.
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  • Like the title said, i have a weird senastion in my brain. And plus, i had this for about 4 years, I'm 17 years old and i would like to know what is going on. Not so long when this started, my body started getting this feeling as if pins were poking out of my body at random places across my body. I try scratching it lightly if it helps, but it didn't. It occurs at random times. While that happens, the sensation in my brain feels like a light wave going and popping up at random times. It doesn't hurt, but it just feels weird, and it grows stronger when im drawing, sleeping or whenever i close my eyes to think of a picture. So this is a really wierd state that i really like to know more about. It mostly appears at the centre top of my brain. The feeling switches from right to left, but mostly right. So if anybody know somthing about this, i would help relieve my concern a bit. This quote explain my issues. It's quite similiar to yours but instead of massive headaches, i get pierced bak and forth at random times. Sadly nobody has an answer to this, well not of now.
    Mellow3 2 Replies
    • February 22, 2011
    • 08:37 AM
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