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Variety of symptoms, hospitalized. Please help!

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  • Posted By: ohheybbyitscorixx
  • August 23, 2009
  • 10:18 PM

About a month ago...I was hit in the head several times by my cousin. My head stayed swelled several days no matter what I did. It went away. The only thing I was concerned about was for 30 minutes after it happened...I became VERY confused for 5 minutes. Then all of the sudden...I couldnt remember where I was/who I was/what was going on at all. After that...I was fine. I thought ok it was just temporary...and nothing else happened. A week later...I got put on new phsyc meds. Geodon, 80 mgs twice a day. Xanax, .25 mgs as needed. Lexepro, I cannot remember the dosage I believe it was 20 mgs. (Now...I had told this doctor...since he was new...that I took abilify before. I was on geodon several years ago for 2 years...and it did nothing. Later, I went on abilify...and had a reaction to it...and I strongly believe I was allergic. I had the reaction where I had uncontrollable facial/body movements AND my throat closed up. Now...I called the doctor then and told him...and it was fixed with a few doses of bennydril. Last year...I was put on abilify again by my previous doctor. I had told her about my reaction...she insisted it was just that...a reaction and not an allergy. She put me on it...and cogentin to get rid of the effects. I eventually went off of it because I didnt feel safe...) So back to this new doctor...I told him about abilify since its in the same group and I had the reaction to abilify. He looked at me...told me theres a difference between a reaction and an allergy...and sent me on my way. I listened to him...and about 2 days of taking it I start crying because I have uncontrollable muscle movements in my jaw...like before when I was taking abilify. My grandma calmed me down...and insisted it was just my nerves. I listened...and it went away. The next day I was fine. On the forth day, my aunt had left my uncle because of marriage problems. That was when the studder started. Now, I assumed just like everyone else it was because I was nervous. I let it go...the next day I only had it every once in a while. Then that same night...It started again. Then my eyes twitched like before. Then my whole face was out of control with movements. My throat felt like it was closing...and I had trouble breathing. My mom calmed me...and gave my bennydril like before saying thats what we did last time...so it would work. When it didnt work...I was taken to the hospital. Now the bennydril did calm down my throat...enough to get in some breaths. Everything got worse from there though. I remember being in the car...it was nighttime. (I didnt make this connection until a week later) As we went by and each streetlight flashed in my eye, I went back...couldnt move. Then all of the sudden...I looked like I was having a seizure. I thought I was having one. My body was uncontrollable. Moving up and down. My eyes were fixed, my mouth was open and I was drooling. Several times on my way there, it happened, for about a minute each. Right before getting out...I remember my thought were coming out. I have ptsd, and was reliving a past event, and suddenly my thoughts were coming out of my mouth. I couldnt move, but I was talking like I was 5 years old, about a past event. So I get to the hospital, and my grandma explains everything to them. They put an IV in me, gave me heavy doses of bennydril. The symptoms did not fully go away, but I was back to a studder. So...I go home. Sleep it off...I wake up at 4 in the morning and everythings back. I take a bennydril as directed by the doctors. Apparently, the symptoms could come back being as the geodon was still in my system. I was perfectly fine. About an hour later though, It happened again. I was rushed to the hospital. I was then given cogentin, and ALL the symptoms stopped. Keep in mind this was an IV. It worked instantly. My grandma drives me home...And about 15 minutes into the drive...I have what looks like a seizure again. It was daytime...and I got out of the car. I was rushed back to the hospital, and was admitted. There, my primary doctor ordered a 24 hour urine test. I had a catscan done, and an ETG. Now...while I was in the hospital, I was visited by a neurologist. He didnt listen to anything I said...and saw me for 30 seconds saying he has a feeling itll go away tomorrow. Everything got worse in the hospital. I started feeling as though I was in the middle of an earthquake. I saw the room spin. I saw what I can only describe as the room dripping down. I was having paralization spells. These would last 10 seconds at first. My whole body would go limp. I would not be able to breathe...but I couldnt struggle for a breath either. As they got longer, I could eventually move my eyes when this happened. I also seemed to have an entire new personality, but I could remember everything that was happening. I could switch in and out of it...it was like I was tapping into my subconcious. I had trouble urinating, then it burned when I did. I couldnt go relieve my bowels, and then when I could (which wasnt for 3 days), it looked like the color of sand. The studdering came back. After the catscan was done, it came back normal. So thats when they did the ETG on me. It was weird...when it was going on, I got this sensation in my brain every 3 seconds or so. My eyes would roll to the back of my head. The room was completely dark. It wasnt painful, actually felt kind of good. Which is odd enough...Then they did the light test. Thats when I noticed the sensitivity to light. As the light flashed, I went up, mouth opened, drooling, eyes fixed. When the light stopped, I was fine except the studdering. The faster the light went, the higher I went up until I was literally a foot off the bed I was on. They couldnt do that anymore and had to stop it because this would happen. From then on...I noticed strong noises would set that off and it would happen. Then strong smells. I was ordered an anti seizure medication that they gave me in my IV. It worked for 5 hours, then everything came back at once. From then on, no matter what they gave me, it worked less and less. They continued to give me IVs with bennydril, cogentin, and that anti seizure medicine. Anything they gave me in pill form did not work at all. The next day, the neurologist came back. Apparently, the ETG was normal. I wasnt having real seizures. He was there for 30 seconds, told me these were probably pseudoseizures. Said they were caused by anxiety. I felt kind of funny, especially since he wouldnt listen to these other things that seemed to get worse. The doctors ordered me Xanax. Even though I thought it was weird he didnt listen or said this was anxiety, I have had anxiety a lot in the past and present. I figured, hes right. Hes the doctor, not me. Its all in my head. I took a .25 mgs of it. Within a half an hour, Everything was fine. No movents, no nothing. So then, I turned on the light. I went to say something to the nurse, and I couldnt talk. Im not talking about not having a voice, Im talking about my tounge would move uncontrollably when I tried to form words. I could hum...but thats it. I was confused, but it went away after an hour. It came back and went away for long periods of time, including the paralization. I was released from the hospital after 3 days. I was staying at my grandmas, and I remember the light sensitivity kept getting worse. It got to the point where if I wasnt in a completely silent, dark room, that I couldnt move for 20 minutes at a time. I went to a new phsyciatrist, and she perscribed me cogentin in the pill form. It did not help at all. After 3 days of it getting worse and worse, I called her back and she said to stop the cogentin since its not helping. I asked if maybe I should see another neurologist, she said no it wouldnt do any good. Later that night, everything stopped. I mean...just stopped. I am diagnosed with Bipolar, OCD, PTSD, Generalized Anxiety disorder, and two personality disorders. Now, ever since the hospitalization (which they took me off all my phsyc meds), I have experienced NO mental symptoms that I usually experience. There are usually a lot. The only thing that seems to be going on is the thing where I can "switch" to another person it almost seems like...but I remember everything, can do it at will, and its basically just like anything I think I say. The only other thing is that I seem to basically have no mood whatsoever, or just extreme anger. And Im used to hyperness, depression, and then anger. My moods switched so much, and now, nothing. I had OCD rituals, HAVE NOT DONE THEM IN TWO WEEKS. And I was doing them 6 hours a DAY. Everything else mental wise, is NOTHING. Im still experiencing the bathroom problems, only now its diarihha, and the more water I drink the more I cant pee and the more concentrated it is when I do go. I still have had studdering from time to time, and twitching. Light now doesnt cause me to have...well for it to make everything worse, but I get very bad headaches. I have my blinds closed 24/7. The comuter is making my head hurt too, so I genreally turn that off. When I watch tv and a scene goes from one person to another, I twitch for a few seconds, or cant move or breath for about 5. Light gradual light changes...I have no clue whats going on. I had vision problems before this, but now I can NOT focus when taking my glasses on and off at all...which has never happened. I want to believe the doctors that theres nothing wrong, or that I just have to wait for the medicine to leave my system. After I left the hospital, I also started experiencing numbness in my hands, feet, legs, and arms. I have no clue if the medicines I was taking can do all of this to you or not, or if It was the punches to the head or even just in my head. I just have this VERY bad gut feeling that I rarely have, that somethings really wrong and I need to know if I should maybe see another doctor. (Sorry, I think the one test was an EEG not ETG. I mustve heard the letter wrong?)

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  • Have you considered a neurologist or better yet a psychiatrist to monitor medications you take for what you think is a neurological problem? Psychiatrist are not usually Psychologist and do a great job in monitoring them. I regards to your reaction, it sounds like the meds were too much at that dose to handle, these drugs that affect brain function can. I too have had similar reactions and dropped the medications because of these reactions. My psychiatrist & I set out a plan & she was able to check out my pshysical response and your throat & anxiety issues were not enough to change anything but the dose, she was correct and her input became invaluable. Good luck
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