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Unsteadiness/dizzy, Nausea, Sweating when eating, hard time gaining weight, Attacks

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  • Posted By: Sankie
  • August 25, 2011
  • 01:39 PM

Dear reader,

I'm a 25 y/o caucasian male, I don't smoke/drink or use drugs. I used to sport every week (swimming/kung-fu). My diet consisted mostly of rice, vegetables and chicken/pork/fish. My weight was at 70kg/154 pounds. My health was good but I did suffer from sinusitis, facial flushing and mild stomach issues before the following events:

I've developed some symptoms over the last few months that really turned my life upside down. Recently I visited Hong Kong. During the first few days I experienced light unsteadiness and nausea that kept getting worse each day. I don't recall doing anything note worthy that might have caused this. (except for flying ten hours and eating a steamed grouper fish)

On the fourth day I had a shrimp curry which caused stomach cramps and diarrhea. The unsteadiness and nausea increased lots after that, the upcoming days I suffered from:

During night/resting position(flat) I sometimes get weird attacks of:
• Pins and needles on my arms, legs and chest
• Heart palpitations
• Heartburn
• Sweating
• Ringing ears

During daytime:
• Anxiety, excessive sweating on the forehead, cold skin and nausea generated after intake of food
• Unsteadiness/dizzyness (during really bad episodes: far and nearby objects would slowly move away or towards eachother)
• Yellow/greenish soft, partly undigested feces, covered in a mucus like substance
• No appetite
• Excessive gas
• Sensitive area stomach
• Fatigue, drowsiness, pale face, light-headed
• Slow focusing between far and close objects, sometimes blurry vision
• Weird wet/pressure feelings popping up around ears from time to time

This was a month ago, I've returned a few weeks ago and a lot of the symptoms are still there! I've lost around 10kg/20pounds. I now weight around 61kg/134pounds.

I've visited several doctors, blood labs and specialists and had the following done:

• Blood tests - came back ok (liver, blood count, blood glucose, sedimentation, thyroid, cholesterol and bunch of other stuff)
• Allergy tests - came back negative (food-mix and shellfish)
• Feces - where ok but they did find anti-bodies for Helicobacter Pylori (Triple feces test for parasites, Helicobater Pylori)
• Gastroscopy - came back ok (no ulcers, stomach biopsy ok)
• Balance test - results not back yet!

So far there has not been a diagnose of the problem!

My main symptoms are:
• I am constantly unsteady as described earlier (with a few exceptions in the morning), this is my main concern! I only notice this when walking/moving around. When I'm riding my scooter I don't notice the unsteadiness. It feels like walking trough a plane with light turbulence: the picture is straight but I feel movement in the floor with each step (asif the floor nudges down a few inches, or asif my body is beeing yanked softly towards the floor in random directions) - sometimes the room will distort a little / objects in depth will move away from objects in focus - when closing my eyes and standing straight I'll wobble like a half-filled-round flask bottle. It's worse in small and dark spaces.
• Ears are ringing a lot lately when in resting position
• I get blurry vision from time to time and have a slow focus between far/close objects (1+ second to focus from my finger to a glass on the table)
• I'm tired, pale and when I stand up quickly I'll have a brief moment of white before my eyes/lightheaded-ness
• My feces look soft/green/yellowish, going from hard to soft, covered in mucus.

• I do get less nausea/sweating when eating
• Those night attacks I described earlier haven't appeared in a few days since the Pantopac/Supplements/Diet

Currently I'm trying:
• a SC(Specific Carb) Diet (No milk/grain, lots of easy to digest foods: vegetables/fruit/meat & fish)
• I just finished a week of antibiotics (Pantopac - Pantoprazol / Amoxicilline / Claritromycine)
• I'm taking vitamin and mineral supplements (especially B-12)

Usefull information:
• In Hong Kong I received medication for a small week: Duraxil, Gravol en Xanax
• 4 years prior to Hong Kong, I fell and injured my jaw - no damage was found by docters
• I've had one filling done (white)
• I've been diagnosed for Helicobacter Pylori twice (2 years ago and just recently after getting back) Both times treated with Antibiotics and Stumach-acid relievers (Pantopac - Pantoprazol / Amoxicilline / Claritromycine)

My doctor is clueless, I have an appointment at the Ear/Nose/Eyes doctor in half a month for the results of the balance test and an appointment at a stumach/liver/intestine specialist. I can't do much now but wait.

My question for you all!

• Does anybody recognize these symptoms?
• Anybody has tips to speed the diagnose up?
• Should I enquire more help from specialists? (i.e. neurologist?)

I'm totally lost and my life is a real mess right now.

I wish you all good health and take care!


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