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Undiagnosed numbness/tingling ... ideas I haven't checked into?

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  • Posted By: tabyrnes
  • October 22, 2011
  • 06:34 PM

I'm a 40 year old female - started having numbness/tingling in hand first of June. Moved into arm over few weeks. Saw GP, who referred me to neurologist. By the time I saw him, I was having a numb spot in back on outside edge of left shoulder blade. Numbness there is only when I have my arm forward - like washing dishes or right now - typing on computer. He did the nerve conduction tests. Showed some issue with C5/C6 nerve roots so had me do an MRI of cervical spine. Didn't show anything (I have braces - and the C1/C2 cross views weren't clear, but otherwise, everything looked OK). He then recommended that I try steriod shots in my neck - I was hesitant but he told me there are 5-10% of patients who's issues don't show on an MRI and that the shots were diagnostic as well as provide relief ...if they work. $1K later, no relief. Went back to neurologist who said only thing he would recommend now is trying Lyrica. After looking up side effects AND not knowing the real problem, decided against that. Then, talked to a friend who is an anethesiologist - and he talked to some collegues about what it might be. His collegue thought it might be trigger point problems... so had some trigger point shots. NO relief. I am now undergoing a series of ortho/medical massages - and while my back/shoulder area is a mess/tight/etc. - and she's working all that out...I am getting no relief from the ongoing issues. I'm now 4.5 months into this - and numbness/tingling varies day to day and hour to hour... mainly in index finger and back. But also get same feelings off/on across entire hand, up inner arm, across top of shoulder, down arm. I have been scouring the Internet for what it might be - and of course am seeing all kinds of possibilities. I am going back to my GP Monday to talk to her about what all I've tried/etc. to see what she recommends next. At this point, I've spent $2-$3K trying to figure this out - to no avail. I've read about thoracic outlet syndrome and that seems like it's likely the closest thing, but then there's also other things like cancers/tumors that you read might be an issue as well. I think i'm going to ask for an MRI of my shoulder/back area to see if they can maybe find something that way. If anyone has any ideas/suggestions to ask testwise/diagnosis-wise, would appreciate it. I live with some sort of numbness/tingling up/down my arm/hand - in various spots (all on left side) on a daily basis. And, it's getting worse. And starting to consume more of my life....

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  • Has an MRI of the brain ruled out MS? Also Transverse Meylitus(SP?), an inflamation in the spine, can ause some of these symptoms.Have blood tests been done to show inflammation levels in your muscles?I have similar symptoms, but my numbness is over my entire body in varying degrees. I have teseted positive for the Herpes virus (chickenpox), which lies dormant in your spine after you have Chickenpox. I also have a high inflammation level in my muscles.I am so weak after walking or being up moving, that I now use a cane to steady myself. My Thearapist/Chriropracter is has found that when my shoulders and arms are the numbest, it's usually c3,c4 that are out of place, his manipulation helps alot. Good luck, hope this gives you something to look into.
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    • October 28, 2011
    • 07:19 PM
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