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Two old one new: Any idea what could cause this?

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  • Posted By: crunch
  • January 28, 2010
  • 03:02 PM


I am 28 and female.

Since I was 13 I have been having dizzy spells almost every day (often more than one per day). Usually on standing up but sometimes just looking down (turning face downwards) and up again or turning my head sideways is enough to set me off:
blurred dimmed vision, followed by momentary blindness,
stiff painful neck,
numbness at back of head, cheeks, back of hands, lips, sometimes also in left arm.
As vision returns my head feels hot and I have a pressure headache for a few moments before I am back to normal.

I have looked this up and wondered whether this is due to my blood pressure but no doctor has ever confirmed this (mentioned it to GP a few times over the years).

From about age 17 or 18 I have been getting involuntary movements from time to time, usually while sitting down:
Sort of violent muscle spasms, usually in my torso, sometimes arms moving along with torso. If I get one I am bound to have a few in short succession. I usually end up making a stupid tennis player "ugh" sound as the air is pushed out of me from the sudden movement. Sometimes I get a wooshing sound in my ears or temporary hearing loss in right ear for a few moments just beforehand. A similar thing also happens to my face, where I suddenly make a sour face like I bit into a lemon, wiggle my eyebrows or roll my lips inwards. It happens more often in afternoon or evening when I am tired and if I have a few of these jerks in a row I am usually a lot more tired afterwards.
It started after a brief course on olanzapine and paroxetine as a teen (no idea if related).

I have mentioned this to my GP who told me as this was not accompanied by memory-loss this was nothing to worry about. He told me it was probably due to anxiety (I don't feel anxious though).

More recently I have started having a number of visual disturbances. I don't have them all the time, but when I do they usually last from a few hours up to a couple of days. For the past month I have had them at least once a week:
Bright flashes in my peripheral vision
Visual snow
Vision jerking from side to side
Dolly-zoom (background of everything moving)
Jump cuts (just like the filmic version)
Everything overbright
They don't always occur all at the same time.

I haven't seen anyone about this one yet.

Any idea what it might be? I thought I'd mention all three in case (I guess it's unlikely to be related because of the long time inbetween..

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