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Tingling on Right Side of Body

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  • Posted By: fiddle
  • July 11, 2008
  • 03:37 PM

About the middle of May I had gotton bitten my a some bug or tick then I woke up with tingling on the right side of my body the next day. I went to ER they did a CT that showed up as nothing. The same week I had major heart palpations that sent me back to the ER they did a EKG everything was normal but ordered a holter monitor to be put on for 48 hours, it came back a PVC premature ventricular contractions, and said don't worry about it. Over the next few weeks I felt like crap very tired, and withdrawn but slowly returned to myself in a few weeks.

They sent me to a neurologist who did not do a MRI or EMG, he just did a sort of physical test, like touch your nose, touch my finger, press here, push there type of thing. During his findings he diagnosed me as having 2 pinched nerves, one in my neck one in my lower back and he said go to a physiotherpist.

The tingling started on my right side, goes half way down the back of my arm...from the elbow down, to the little finger. I've had it from half way down the back of my thigh to half way down my calf at the back, to the outter side of my foot.

Since it started it will travel over to my left side mostley in my neck regoin and arm into my hand and side of my face into my cheek.

Started getting very bad heartburn too.

I've asked the Dr. to do bloodwork to check for anemia, Vit D, Vit B12 hormones, etc, and also check for Lymes Disease. All of the test came back normal but the Lymes Disease test isn't back yet, he said it's gone to Public Health.

The physiotherpist I swear she thinks I'm from outerspace because she just doesn't understand my tingling is "Traveling" her words....you said it was coming from your right side now your left side is involved????? To me I'm just the patient she's supposed to be the pro, I tell her what my problem is and she should be able to help me...oh well. She does TENS, low level laser and back traction. She has also said that my neck feels to be bent.

Anyhow, does anyone have any ideas?


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  • March of 2010, I had a similar issue. I am 32 years old, and was athletic up until I had my child almost 5 years ago (I'm positive I haven't fallen apart that badly in 5 years). As I sit here now, most of my right arm is "numb" - I say it that was because if I REALLY push something sharp into my fingers (not the pinky)/forearm/shoulder I can feel that it's sharp. Just nowhere near what a push pin should feel like. This feeling continues up the right side of my neck, and throughout the right-side of my face (under the jawline and just to the top of my cheekbone). This has stayed on the right-side of my body, although my neck seems to be getting worse as this goes "unresolved". Putting my head down (chin to chest) makes for a burning sensation between my shoulder blades, which takes some time to go away. I've had an MRI and a 3D CT scan of my head (nothing done on my neck yet) and both showed nothing major. I've seen a neurologist and had the same annoying tests (many times) to rule out stroke or "major nerve issues." I have had carpal tunnel surgery on my right-hand, as well as something called "DeQuervain's Release" which is opening the tendon of my thumb. When the nerves acted up in my neck & face - the hand went with it. I had EMG testing done for my hand - and now going for the same test for the rest of the nerves in that area. Currently - they are looking at a pinched occipital nerve and thoracic outlet syndrome. My neck grinds like crazy all the time, and I'm wondering if there's something else causing these nerves to get pinched. I understand the "feeling like an alien" since things change, and there's not really ANY clear way to describe what's going on - or where at any given point in time. From typing this response - more of my arm is numb than when I began - and the burning in my neck is worse - so it may be posture related.As I get more results from the testing (I am hoping that the EMG shows SOMETHING tomorrow) I will post more...I cannot recall a specific thing that started this happening. My right leg is starting to have "numb spots" too - I just want this fixed - and at times the pain is more than I would like to bear.
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