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Tingling/numbness in arms/hands/legs/face/head

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 7, 2007
  • 08:30 PM

Tingling and numbness are basically around whole body, although moreso in the back of head, face and mouth now, after being more all around over two months ago when this started. Sometimes tingling in legs will become extreme when walking.

Extremities seem to "fall asleep" (different than the above numbness) often. A couple of months ago my foot (I believe left one only) several times fell asleep with a distinct centralized "ball" of heaviness/pain for lack of a better description. Had never felt anything like that in extremities falling asleep earlier in my life.

Muscles have little, visible twitches at times, in no particular area (mainly legs, arms, hands and face).

Occasional heartburn-type feeling (has actually been happening for about two years).

Some trembling and inability to make fine movements with hands, although I have never been the most dextrous so it's hard to tell if this is new.

Difficulty balancing at times, but not extremely.

Slight muscle soreness/weakness, especially in hands/fingers. Occasionally on face.

Dark/smelly urine (possibly from infection or directly from whatever is causing everything else). Seemed to have small amounts of uncontrollable urination but not as of late.

Some sudden, inadvertent movements, especially of legs/feet.

General fatigue/tiredness.

I know this is very vague. I went to the ER two months ago and they said it could be pretty much anything from an infection to MS. They didn't do any tests. I'm a 24 year old male.

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  • A couple of other things that I should add: I do have difficulty with concentration at times, although I don't know if that's just because my mind always wanders, or something new. Caffeine (or at least coffee) seems to make this worse. My vision is poor. It always has been, and it's hard to tell whether it has worsened. I have a little pain in the lower left side (near to abdomen and hip). It isn't really constant though, had it for a couple of weeks back around late March and then it seemed to be essentially gone until the last week or so.i would go get checked for kidney stones i had it and the pain would come and go on my left side it made my pee a different color cause of blood in my kidney as fr your other syptoms may be r l s restless leg syndrome in server cases it can cause jerks in your arms and legs and has your legs tingling or hurting when you relax also can get worse with caffine and stress
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  • Those signs that you display are all proof positive signs to MS. I would suggest an MRI right away, if a DR tries to say you need a spinal tap tell them that is BS and you do not need a Spinal tap to check for MS. There are some decent medicines out there if it is MS to put a stop or slow it down to a stand still so that you do not get worse. I get the same sensations you are describing. Your standard Doctor would not know how to Diagnose this disease unless he has previously done it and done his research. Most Doctors only specialize int heir field so are clueless to the rest of the medical society in large. Go here and see if you have some of or all of these symptoms, if you do, get a second opinion and request an MR to check exclusively for a neurological disorder.http://www.nationalmssociety.org/site/PageServer?pagename=HOM_ABOUT_symptomsI hope this helps, but remember having MS is not the end of the world. people can live long normal lives with MS.hello there, thanks for the info, i have many symptoms and have recently had an mri, still waiting for results, due to go in aug or sept, i am concerned that if it is not ms, what the ***l is wrong with me
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  • If numbness and heating of your skin surface happens frequently, then definitely there is something wrong with your nerves. Or that you are simply too stressed out. However, other symptoms like loss of balance, twitching face or frequent headaches could mean more serious nerve problems. You may first consult a neurologist.
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  • Im sorry to hear about what you are going through. I can relate.. About five years ago i was in a car accident. I didnt realy have any symptoms ex for a stiff sore neck whitch they said was whiplash. over time i noticed my pain was getting worse. i had a constant pain in my neck and shooting pains down my right shoulder and arm sometimes to my fingertips. every doc that i went to told me i needed phy therepy (whitch i did 4 times) everyday tasks because harder to do and may times resulted in me going to the er because of the pain. sometimes i woulkd be bed ridden for days before i was able to move my neck and right arm without sharp shooting pains. i live in a little town so we realy only have one major ortho office. the doc there told me there was nothing he could do for me because phy therepy and decompression therepy didnt work. Finally after 4 1/2 years of going to dif doc trying to find out what as wrong i went to a ortho doc out of town and he was angry at what he saw. i had a severe herniated disc c4-5. he could not belive that i went that long with my condition. he scheduled me for surgery stating that if i got into another accident or even fell hard i would be paralyized or even worse my spine would be severed!. it has been alittle over a year since my surgery and to be honest i am still in pain. the only improvement is that the feeling in my fingertips has returned. i still wake up everyday with pain. i still cannot carry my basket of laundry upstairs. my most recent trip to the doc they told me that now c6-7 are damaged due to the surgery! so as i wait for my insurance company to approve my steriod injections i sit and suffer. the right side of my lip and cheek has become numb along with my other symptoms and my right eye has been twitching for over a month. :( i realy hope that they find the cause of your pain. if you are not getting the answers u need continue to look for another doctor until they figure it out. your healh is to important! many blessings to you my dear!!!!
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  • Dear tingling and numbing in head, face, hands, arms feet, legs, upper intestine,This is the story of the last 12 years of my life. My issues started December of 2001. I first noticed it getting out of bed one morning and while placing my feet to the floor I had a rubber band tightness around my ankles. Then soon I began noticing that same tightness around my wrists and an unusual crown like tightness around the top of my head. Over time the discomfort spread up my legs, up my arms and down my head affecting every inch on the way. Spreading with more intensity these last few years. More than the early years. Currently I have episodes throughout the day and my sleep is disturbed because when I do go to sleep I awake in an ‘all out’ tingling and numbing that has invaded my entire head, face, neckline, chin, lip and down into my upper GI area. My arms are affected from hands to forearm. My legs are affected from feet to just above the knee on the left and up to the hip on the right. Also when I awake my head feel squeezed, I have a headache, my ears ring (constantly) and I have pain in my eyes often. Too often to track. A few years back I was diagnoses with 10.9 Vitamin D, Low hormone count and of course peri-menapause. (I don’t know where the pre-menapause years went). At the same time my doctor said it sounded like peripheral neuropathy. By then I was tired of slap stick diagnosis and being a lab rat for a new prescription that I could never take or finish...that I boldly asked if there was any ‘tests’ that would confirm the ‘new’ diagnosis. He then sent me to a Neurologist’s. Well the Neurologists’ (uncomfortable as it was because none of my previous MRI or x-rays had showed up at his office for the exam) so he ran some images and some needle poke electrode tests and ‘ruled out’ neuropathy. He did however say it sounded like it could be Fibromyalgia. My doctor said that Fibromyalgia is just Chronic pain and so we basically did nothing at all. I tried some exercise with IBU’s for pain. This last until my feet swelled up with fluid from an unusual knot that was in my left hip had released while on the gym bike one day. After that I had this faucet like fluid rushing up and down my legs every morning. Once in awhile about every 6 months I would wake up at night in a major pool of seat from what I believe was that same fluid finding a way out through my pours. This was not night sweats…I have been on HRT with progesterone and DHEA along with the Vitamin D and multiples. This was something else. Any way to this day I do not know what is wrong. Osteoarthritis has now been added to the diagnosis line up. And since I was tagged with the Fibromyalgia diagnosis before ‘ever’ eliminating any other possible…I have only recently had some other things ruled out, such as MS, RA and some other things. The reason I am engaging with you on this is because through my own research I discovered another doctors literature about Chronic fatigue and he wrote about Mercury poisoning. This is a very toxic metal that more easily digestible in our society that I knew. I looked into the all 3 types of Mercury and the different ways we can be contaminated and BINGO!!! I hit it on all three counts. My doctor of course laughed it off. I went online and found my own test. As for now I am going to tell what I know and what I believe is make America sick. August 27th, 1999 the FDA ordered the removal of an ingredient called Thiomersal. Thiomersal was a common ingredient used in immunizations. In the summer of 1999 I had a Hepatitis B vaccine for my job. Thiomersal turns to Ethyl Mercury once it enters the blood stream. This is an inevitable contamination. October 2010 my dentist suggested I have my dental fillings removed and redone to ‘save’ my moler's. Those fillings had been in my mouth for over 30 years. While they were removing these fillings I accidentally swallowed a chuck of the filling. The dentist panicked but there’s only so much we could do, the suction tool was ‘not’ fast enough. These were amalgam fillings. Then as I read my research I discovered that the new CFL (pig tail) light bulbs have enough Mercury in them to contaminate 6000 gallons of water. I know this doesn’t sound like a concern. But the truth is if you clean up a broken CFL bulb without following a 5 step process…you risk contamination. I don’t know anyone who would remember or stop to read a 5 step cleanup process for a broken light bulb. And well you guessed it…I did. My grandsons were horse playing and my lamp went over. I did not know there was a lengthy process to cleanup a broken CFL light bulb. I do now though…You can key word serach it or buy a kit and watch the steps on video on YOUTUBE http://youtu.be/AF_kayoYcAE Who would have thought you needed a CFL for Dummies training manual for a light bulb? Any how this is very serious. Get tested for Mercury. Check out the list of illnesses that Mercury poisoning causes. This is why America is in a heath crisis.
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    • November 19, 2012
    • 03:06 AM
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  • In addition to the life-threatening conditions mentioned, other side effects of smoking cigarettes include:• Yellowing of the teeth• Development of wrinkles at an early age• Higher risk of bone fractures in the wrist, hip or spine• Difficulty sleeping• Soar throat• Bad smell in clothes, skin and hair• Bad breathElectronic Cigarette
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    • November 22, 2012
    • 05:44 AM
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  • Knowing all the symptoms might help individual to acknowledge the presence of the disease. Some symptoms might be part of the varicose veins.
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  • I too have many of these symptoms. I am glad I found this thread because for years I have gone undiagnosed & it seems like doctors just dismiss me. These are some of the symptoms: headaches, reduced motor skills, poor grip of my hands (mainly right), poor balance, poor word recall, slurred speech, saying the opposite word of what I mean, slowed thought process, disturbed sleep process (can't sleep at night, can't wake up or stay up during the day), tingling sensation in arms especially fingertips, intolerance of heat & cold (esp. cold), pain in my thoratic region of back, lower back pain, sharp pain in the gluteal region, pain in my right trapezius muscle that goes into the shoulder, behind the shoulder blade (ice pick sensation) & down my arm, pain in my legs, muscle fatigue in my arms & legs, generally tired all the time, ringing in my ears, feel like I can't hear well in my left ear, occasional light sensitivity (especially fluorescent lights) accompanied with extreme tiredness, redness in eyes, gritty feeling in eyes & eye dryness. When I turn out the light, all the symptoms go away & I have energy. Also, I get this weird feeling in my the back side of my head that starts just behind & above the left ear & goes to the base of my neck, occasionally extends into the trapezius area of my neck/shoulder. I don't really know how to describe the feeling because it's so strange. The closest I can say about it is: a fullness feeling that's tingly, burning & searing, but it's not painful...Almost like as if a sander is rotating in my head. Weird, I know. Sometimes when I get this feeling I feel like I am drunk because of slurred speech & vertigo & living an out of body experience because I see things as hazy & lights with halos around them. I cannot think or concentrate when it's strong. I had this feeling for years, been to the doctor, & they dismiss me with migraines. However, last month I finally got a MRI due to neck pain. The results were "normal", but there was a finding that I have "low-lying Cerebellar Tonsils protruding 4mm caudal to Foramen Magnum " on my left side. Low-lying Cerebellar Tonsils are normal up to 4mm according to the medical guidelines. 6mm is considered severe. I looked it up & it's basically herniation of the brain. It does cause many of these symptoms, but supposedly not when it's only 4mm. Another name for it is Chiari. Here is a link to a Chairi website http://www.conquerchiari.org/education/chiari-faqs.html
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    • January 6, 2014
    • 02:54 AM
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  • Hi everyone, it is so good to read this discussion. I have had similar symptoms. How do they diagnose MS without a spinal tap?
    Rosemarie 1 Replies
    • January 26, 2014
    • 00:34 AM
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  • Has anyone tested positive for Epstein Barr Virus? Everything you describe us a symptom of EBV. Most people are exposed to this virus early in life and because it is a herpes viruses it remains dormant in our bodies, but for some the virus reactivates during times of extreme stress or trauma. Psychological symptoms are also part of the virus. Blood work can identify current or past exposure to EBV.
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    • September 30, 2014
    • 03:10 AM
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  • hey I feel the same. I have all the symptoms including the frequent dark and smelly urine. please help me out if you have any information. its freaking me out.
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • October 17, 2014
    • 06:42 PM
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